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Ute and Roald


Dear Olive, Peter and Lyn,

many thanks for a great time (again).
Lyn, what a pity that I didn't see you
this time. Hope your knee gets better soon!
Attached a picture of me, maybe that helps
you remembering me. Roald (my partner) and
I live in Brisbane now, and we are both
sure that it won't take us another 2,5 years
to visit again :-)

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year,
Ute and Roald
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Annika Johansson                  Odense, Denmark


Hi Lyn...
I tried to write in your guestbook at the webpage, but I couldn't get it to work, so I'm sending you an e-mail instead.

I visited your farm twice, first alone and later with my mother. We enjoyed staying at your farm. If I could I would send you the Danish rain, we don't need it much! and have plenty of it... unfortunately no snow yet.

Though you would like to go without having to feed the horses with hay, I must admit I had much fun doing it. Your horses were the best, I'm almost over my fear of running horses... thanks to "Bear"... give him a hug, will you? And say "hi" to Nicky and Trevor! I still can't forget Nicky's story about that time when she dehydrated.

My mom had the time of her life riding the horse and the motorbike and would like to say thanks to that tall, dark and handsome guy, which name she can't remember ;o)

Well, I could keep writing forever... about the horses, friendly people, George, good stories, great food and the cute kangaroos.... but it is christmas soon and the gifts don't buy themselves!!

Merry Christmas from Annika Johansson
Odense, Denmark



Helen K Orchard                      New Zealand


Dear Olive, Peter, Lyn, Alwyn Trevor and Kevin 
Thanks for a great stay (back in October).  What I had expected to be some interesting activities turned out to be a deeper experience for me because of the connections you had with this land and way of life.  Thanks to all of you.  Olive I think I've even learnt from you to be a bit more chilled out about things.
Anyway the experience led to me writing a poem, something I haven't done since I was a teenager.  Feel free to use if you wish providing those mentioned in it don't mind.
I hope you have had rain by now.
Best wishes and hope you have a good Christmas


Sandra & Marco                          Germany


Dear Olive, Peter and (unfortunately unknown) Lyn,

as promised you'll find enclosed some fotos of our
marriage at Palm Cove from 22nd May 2006 after our staying
at your wonderful farm and also some fotos of Myella.

Our marriage was beautiful, even the whole staying in Australia
was fantastic. So many times we spoke about and show pictures of
the really nice time at Myella! Especially my moments with
the little kangaroo (I'm missing her so much and hope she's fine)
but also all the lovely animals, the people and the very nice atmosphere.

We're sure that we'll coming back to Australia and we're also sure that
we'll see us again! I hope "Pow Wow" will be prepared for me and perhaps the 'little kangaroo' has got her own puppies ;o)

Since we are back in Germany it is very difficult to integrate in
'normal' life. Australia is such a wonderful country and the Australians
are really mates. We never felt such close in a foreign country....well we donīt feel like foreigners in Australia. We say thank you very much for the nice time.
We'll keep this feeling for a long long time ...

Greetings from the city Aachen in Germany
Sandra & Marco

Wedding Photo
Sandra and Kangaroo


Linda     in OZ


Though I would send you a quick e mail.  

Thanks for the lovely time I had staying with you for 2 nights 3 days. I absolutely loved my stay there and have told everyone how wonderful "Speckles" is and what a film star. Everyone was so good to me during my stay with you and I really appreciated it.

Give my love to, Trevor, Kevin and your mum and Dad ( George also and Speckles). It was such a rewarding time I loved it. 

Anyway bye for now, thanks again

Love Linda in Oz


Jenny                        UK




Just wanted to write to let you know how totally amazing my stay with you was for me.  I had an excellent time and really enjoyed everyday that I stayed with you.  You all deserve a mention because whilst I was there everyone welcomed me, taught me things & generally made my stay really interesting:


DAVE  taught me how to dig holes in web mud, whilst LYN taught me to dig holes in dry red dirt.  PETER taught me how to mend a water pipe that was leaking, whilst NICKY taught me how to milk a cow & that it doesnít matter what Iím doing as long as I enjoy myself.  SHANE taught me how to ride a motorbike, which is no easy talk cos I cantí even ride a regular bike.


Everyone helped me learn to ride a horses, each of you with a bit extra to tell me buy KYLE taught me to canter and although I still wouldnít profess to be great a riding at least now Iím not scared of horses or riding & I know what I have to do to start, stop, walk, trot canter etc etc.


OLIVE & NICKY taught me how to eat properly again.  After about 10 weeks of eating rubbish or the same thing every night your food was amazing and so varied.  It was great.


I also have to mention cattle mustering, DAVE originally taught me & LYN and NICKY reinforced it so I know what I should be doing even if I canít quite get my horse to do it!


I also learned so much about farming in general & learnt to lasso, crack a whip, drive the ute and feed a baby kangaroo!


All in all it was great & I just wanted to say thank you so much


Jenny xxxxxxx


(Just in case you forget red hair, English, got dirty really quickly!)


The Keynes Family


Hi Lyn,
We are home "stiff and sore but happy". Attached are photos we promised Dave and one for Trevor from Hayden and Lachlan. When we get all our photos developed we will send up a hard copy of both for Dave and Trevor. If you are interested we have some great shots of you doing your horse demo we can send you. The boys are already telling people about how lucky we are to have friends with an awesome property that we go to visit. Because they don't see the money changing hands they must think that we just roll up, have a great time, and then go home.
Once again, thank you for another wonderful time.
Your friends always,
The Keynes Family.


happy Snaps

Happy Snaps






I hope that you are still the original family that still own the Homestead that I came to stay for a week back in 1995-1996.  I really hope that you will remember me, but understand if you don't.  My name when I came to stay with you was Toni Bowling and I was from England.  I can't remember when exactly that I came to stay but I wrote in your visitors book, so hopefully it will jog your memory.  I became good friends with your daughter Lyn.

I remember milking your cow who at the time, had a calf called Norman. Hopefully this will jog your memory because I was the girl who had the horse allergy and had to be taken to your local hospital and have a shot in my backside because my eye's had ballooned and swollen up so much I looked a bit like a freak!!!  I then wore sunglasses for the rest of my stay because of this.

If you do not remember me then apologies but I found your email address in the Queensland lonely planet book and wanted to say hi and see what Lyn is up to now!!

Kindest regards


Sue, Georgia & Sarah 


Thanks from the Meehans
Just a short note to say thanks for a great couple of days.  We really enjoyed our time and the girls have come home absolutely exhausted.  Have attached a good sunset photo I took.

How did you go at the tourism awards?   Just thought I would also mention what a great assett Trevor is to your staff.  He is wonderful at teaching new riders and was excellent with my girls as well.   Is very sensible and always puts safety first.   

Thanks again.  Love Sue, Georgia and Sarah.



Sophie                    England 


Hello from England.

How is everyone there????? Is Kevin still with you? How is Dave settling in?????  

Iíve started riding lessons back home at the stables near London where I learnt to ride when I was younger. For my first lesson, because I said I hadnít had a proper riding lesson since I left their stables 6 years ago, they put me on a 28 year old horse named Doris , so it was more than a little humiliating, especially when the instructor told me to hold the saddle with one hand when cantering. Itís certainly very different to Myella riding Ė we just spend an hour going round and round an arena being shouted at by a posh upper- class instructor, whoís mean and makes us trot and canter without our stirrups. Lessons here are very expensive as well Ė theyíre about 50 dollars for a 1 hour group lesson, or around 90 dollars to go riding for an hour in Londonís biggest park in central London, Hyde Park Ė nearly the same price as a whole day and night at Myella! Iíve temporarily moved away from London , to South West England for my current job, and Iíve found the horse riding there is much better Ė there is just endless countryside and moor land to ride through.  

Iím hoping to come back out to Australia at the end of January Ė the exhibition Iím working for at the moment is being put on display in Sydney in January, and they asked me if I want to be involved and work there. So if I havenít found myself a proper job by then, Iíll be working in Sydney till April, and will probably come and visit you all in May, when Iím sure youíll find it equally as impossible to get rid of me as the last time I was there!!  



Joanne Mccoll                     Australia / uk


Thanks guys for an amazing few days, dont remember the last time I laughed so much.  A great experience I wont forget.  No permenant damage from the "Gaffa Tape" on my mouth! Hope to be back before the year is out, get the ice packs ready. 

Love to all jo x


Bram and Henk van der Meij        Gorssel, Holland


Hello everyone at Myella,

After weeks of waiting we finally got back our baggage, including camera's and pictures, so I can send you some pictures I hope you like.
They are not the average holiday pictures, because they are about cattle about to leave the farm and pictures that I have named: Staff at work.
After six wonderful weeks of holiday in Australia we returned to Europe
the weekend that the English thougt there might be some terrorism arrangend by baby food so already at Darwin we had to check in all our baggage, including telephones, camera's and everything else you normally take with you in the plane.

The only things we were allowed to take on board were our passports and creditcard and when we landed in London we found out that the next flight to Amsterdam was cancelled and we had to go the last part by train without our baggage. It took two weeks until we got this back, but now I am happy we have everything yet, because I have also heard some other stories.

So now we can look at the pictures we made and remember a very nice
holiday from which my son says the best part was the week at Myella.
I think you have seen it too that he was very happy doing things at the
farm with me, riding motorbike, helping with the horses and getting in the cows at the end of that week.

After Myella we went to the Queensland coast, the reef and after that we spent three weeks in the Northern Territories where we had three weeks of sunshine and a lot of things to see between Alice Springs, Uluru and Darwin.

But as I wrote before, we still remember Myella as the best part of our
holiday. My son has already decide to go back to Australia some time
(without his daddy i think) so you might see him again some time.

Thanks again for this to all of you and we hope to hear from you some

Bram and Henk van der Meij
Gorssel, Holland

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Justine & Adrian 


As promised the link to our  website which I have updated with a blog about our trip up to visit you

Again a big thank you to you and all the team at Myella we really did enjoy ourselves and highly recommend the experience to all of our friends.  I have just spoken with Adrian who has only been back in the office just over 3 hours and he was saying I wish I was just getting back from a ride - we may have turned my City Slicker into someone who enjoys the country which is quite a result.

Thanks to you all



Ian & Sue Cadwallader        Belgium


Hi there Peter, Olive and Lynne,

It seems like an age since we were enjoying our stay with you, but all things must come to an end and we are both now back in Belgium . I have not forgotten that I was going to send you some photos of people doing the rope tricks with a more pleasing back drop. So here they are, I hope they come through ok. if not let me know and I will try resending them.                      

Ian & Sue Cadwallader

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Hi Lyn,

The girls (Janine - my niece, Joelle - her friend and Christa) asked me to
send her best regards and wanted to say thank you for everything. They
really loved their stay at Myella and wished they could have stayed
longer. My niece even said she's coming back next year so she can go back to Myella for a longer time!

For me the stay was as good as last time, really enjoyed myself, had a
good time with the horses and everything. And as I said, I'll be back -
hopefully sooner than later.

Thanks again for everything and looking forward to returning soon,

Cheers, Martina


Rita                           Switzerland


Hello Lyn

I just visited your website. You changed it a little bit, didn't you.
It's very nice with the floating pictures!

Myella was one of the most beautiful adventures in Australia. Now I'm
back in Switzerland :-).

Maybe on an other time back in paradise....

Loads of greetings from Rita (I slept outside in a swag, do you



Sue, Georgia and Sarah


Dear Lyn , Olive and Peter

Hope you are all keeping well.  Just a short note to see if you have any
beds available over the September school holidays  for we 3 girls again?
would love to come out for 2 nights.  I am wanting to come up to Rocky for
 about a week to catch up with Max and Vi and Peter and Ann and hopefully
come out to you guys for a visit.

 Love Sue, Georgia and Sarah
 PS Photo of Georgia and Bear attached

Georgia barrell racing.
Georgia & Bear 


Steve (Etienne) & Marit Tilburg       the Netherlands


Dear Lyn, Olive and Peter.
We are already back home in the Netherlands for three weeks, after a month staying Down Under and still we want to go back! We enjoyed the three days stay at your Farm. For Steve (Etienne) was it very special to stay with you again and for me was it very special to ride horse (say hello to Lancelot from me!) and to drive the motor around your land. But milking the cow was something I really thought I didn't do that during my life! It was spectacular and something we will never forget. We'll be back again one day, we promiss!

Etienne already baked the Anzac-cookies twice, but they are very flat and thin and he really don't know how that is possible, can you give him a hint of the clue?
We now send you a few pictures of us during your stay including the
picture we made of you and us.
Take care.
Steve (Etienne) & Marit Tilburg

the Netherlands







Put your feet up and stay away from the kitchen...
Hello to everyone,
It has been very busy down here as usual. This semester has been more  hands on (but not with living, breathing animals yet :[ the trouble with becoming a  vet is that we have to see the inside of them as well). We spend about 12  hours each  week in the lab. One of our main activities at the moment is disecting a ridgeback we nicknamed "Teady". Teady has been preserved and we keep him until  the end of semester. So far we have done the forelimb muscles, nerves,  arteries, & veins and in the process Teady has had his left leg amputated.

Today was our first day of digestion pracs, and we looked at tounges and  teeth.  We had tounges from a cow, calf, horse, dog, cat, pig, and sheep. It has  to be the most bazzar prac I have ever done.

This Friday we have our first Gatton prac ( animals!). We
spend all  day out there and this Friday is on sheep. In the following weeks we cover  pigs, dairy & beef, horses, cats & dogs, and poultry.
 All the other lab time is spend doing biochemistry... not as hands on or
 as  interesting.

 I spent last weekent with two friends at Springville for the
 Springmountain  Endurance Ride (we helped TPR). We camped out overnight (I had two sleeping  bags and my snow jacket!) and the ride started at 5.30am Sunday. We  arrived Saturday so we could do the pre-ride checks and then helped again Sunday  as the  riders. It was a good ride to go to as we had about 200 riders, many who  were
 new to the sport. We go to treat any horses vetted out (I vetted out 3 on
 high  heart rate) and do a full metabolic work-up.

 Catch up with you later




Rod                    Australia



8th,9th AND 10th OF SEPTEMBER.  



The Adventures of Croc


Hey Lyn
Thanks for the great experience at myella, really enjoyed myself and learned so much.
Crocs adventures can be found here.


Kevin  02/08/2006

A few weeks ago I visited Myella as part of a tour with Explore.  

We stayed over night and went out on horse back the next morning Ė during this trip we met up with you whilst you were doing the cattle run for the competition in town.

You asked for one of us to take some photoís of the cattle with the Myella sign.

I did get some shots, but not being used to the horse they arenít my best!

The link below will take you to a website where Iíve got photoís from the trip.

All the photoís at the top of this album are of Myella Ė please feel free to use any of these, there are some nice oneís of the site too.

(The way the website works is it gives you a small low resolution version of the photoís by default, if you click onto the photoís, then select the size to be ď3072x2048Ē youíll get the full photo).

I hope you like them, thanks for an excellent couple of days.


Kevin   Thanks for a Great Couple of Days  

I forgot to include a link to these

I took them the night we got there, just before sunset.  

I hope to visit again sometime, although I suspect it might be a little while.  

A friend is going on an around the world trip for a year and ending up in Australia , so Iíve passed him your leaflet Ė hopefully heíll be able to stop by and enjoy some of the experience.  




Sabrina                          Germany      01/08/2006
Some more from Sabrina,

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I fell of my horse 3 times when I was in Mt Isa.
1. Because the right side of my Saddle loosened itself.
2. Two other jumped with there horses over a small crack in the ground, the
fist stoped and yelled to me to stop, so I pulled my horse back, but we
still jumped, the guy yelled to hold on, but it was too late :-) I got back
on and 20 sec. later the other guy fell off :-))
3. I tried to sit behind the saddle and the horse bucked (that was the only
time I hurt myself, because I fell on my butt) 3 or 4 days later we went to a
rodeo where I rode a bullock, I fell of 3 or 4 meters after we got out of
the gate. And I fell on the same spot where I fell of the horse.
But it was still so much fun and I'm just glad that the other from my
station convinced me not to ride a real Bull and Buckjump.

So, that was it. 


Kate and Kathryn                   Australia


Hi all!
We came to Myella for an alternative to 'Schoolies' celebrations - not exactly backpackers but we *did* have to catch a plane from Brisbane to rockhampton so it was still an adventure. Our week in Myella was so much better than schoolies, because we got to meet some amazing people from all over the world, we got to relax, have fun, and have homemade meals cooked for us! It was a thoroughly enjoyable week and we can't wait to get back to the farm in the next year or two for another week! It made both of us realise how lucky we are to be Australian!!! I'm so proud of myself for learning to ride a horse but i am sure when we come back i will have forgotten everything and have to start again :D. But everybody is so patient that it is ok!
I miss the chickens and the cows - we make all our friends here in Brisbane laugh when we tell them the story of the day we went to bring the cows in at the end of the day with Jayne, and we started yelling "MOOOOO" at the cows until we realised Jayne was in-fact yelling "MOVE"...
We miss the outback skies and stars, the awesome home cooked food, the laidback lifestyle, and all the fun times!
Hope all is going well!
Kate and Kathryn (the school girls from 'Brissie')


Sabrina                      Germany


I visited Myella a few month ago, I was the crazy German girl that went
with the motor bike through the barbed wire fence.
My time in Australia is nearly over, I leave this Thursday (27.7), and
before I leave I just want to thank you for the nice time I had at your
I liked the horse riding and everything so much that I decided to work as Jilleroo at a Cattle Station.
I was working for 2 month north of Mt Isa and I hade a really great time there, too. And this time I stayed away from the fences.

Please say hi to everybody and thanks for the time.




Andy                                 UK


Hi Folks!
I had the great pleasure of staying with you in 2002 at the recommendation of my parents who stayed with you a few weeks before.  (You told me that my dad insisted on stopping for a pint at the pub in Doolulu on the way back to Rocky which I hope is a tradition that you have kept on!)  We were all very taken with the way of life you showed us - very different from our own farm in Ireland. Although I am stuck in England now I think of you often and plan to visit again when I return to Australia. 
One recent time you came to mind was in Ireland when the crazy lady who ran the stables we were riding from was shouting at a friend of mine who learnt to ride when working at a Opal mine in Australia and I for riding 'Western Style'!
I had the greatest time getting up at stupid o'clock to round up the horses on a motorbike.  Nobody here believes me, especially if they have seen me trying to be active before midday never mind 05.30!
I'm really glad you are still going and have maintained the great atmosphere you had when I was there as I look forward to revisiting.
Take care,




Hi Guys
Just really enjoyed looking at your website, it bought back many happy memories from when I stayed with you in 1997!  The reason I looked you up is when I stayed with you the most fantastic print was on the wall of the room I stayed in detailing the first? Convict Fleet.  I wonder if that is still up on the wall?  If it is would you be kind enough to tell me where it came from or if there is a printers name on it? I'd love to get a copy!  The reason this crops up now after all these years is that I now have an Australian girlfriend and I'd love to give it to her as a present!

I hope you are all well, I'm delighted to see that you are still up and running - I had the best 3 days of my trip with you all those years ago!!! Hope you donít think I'm too mad for remembering this!                 Regards                     Nick



Wanda Hubbard                  


Hello to All from Austin, Texas
Hope yall are all doing well and the farm is just as breath taking as ever.   
Hope to hear from yall as this makes Myella seem closer than it really is, Down Under.   I would love to hear from anyone as it is my only connection to the place I consider nearest to my heart, other than the great State of Texas.  The biggest and best in the US. 
The weather here is warm or yall might consider down right hot, 27c = 85 degrees F.  It has been as hot as 95 degrees and this is most common for this time of year.  Even though it is warmer here, we do not have the dry air which makes it just right for yall in Australia.  I prefer the dry, warm to hot air. 
Have you heard from Scott, Cloe or Sophie?  I am sure they are having a great time in New Zealand.  This is what is so special - I met people from other countries, including yourselves.  I will be back to Myella - if not next year then the following - for a much longer stay and hope to see the Northern Territory as well as WA and SA.
Looking for a job to help pay for my next trip to Australia and of course those monthly bills that come each month.
Yall should be receiving a post card from Texas soon. 
Hope to hear from yall - keep in touch.
Wanda Hubbard


Sal & Paul


Hello Lyn and all at Myella
So sorry for the delay in reply.  What with work on the farm and the caravan storage,I loose track of the time,(the days just fly by). Paul and I have got engaged and are planning to get married on the 23rd June 2007,(hopefully at home on the farm).  When I get chance and get somebody to show me,I'll e-mail some photos.  Will also send some more farming papers to you all.  Hope all are well and hows Aurther doing ?
Best wishes
Sal and Paul.                      


Jo McColl


Hi Team
Just wanted to thank you guys for a fantastic time at Myella, its been 3 weeks now and I really miss it.  I had the most fun I've had all year, cant remember when I laughed so much. I really am hoping to get back for a couple of days before I go back home in Nov.  Thanks for the ice packs Olive and thankfully the gaffa tape didnt leave to much dammage!!  Thanks again Jo Mccoll


Beth, Garry & the Boys


Hey you guys!  Just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality (AGAIN!) over the weekend.  As always, it was lovely to catch up with you all ... it really doesn't seem that long ago that we were up there last time.
We had a good trip home.  Said hello to a lovely policeman (with pretty
flashing lights) on the way to Banana from Baralaba.  He asked me to slow down, and let me off with a warning.  (And I thought 120 was the limit ...)
No real rain at home.  Only 2mm in our guage.

Love to you all.
Beth, Garry and boys




Hi Lyn
remember us? We stayed on your farm in November 2004 and first met in Rockhampton when Olive picked both of us up in the car. Then we stayed on your farm for a couple of days. We spent one night sleeping in swags under the stars, but in spite of what you guys might have thought, nothing happened and we were just great friends then.
Amazingly we have managed to keep in touch since then and met again when Andrea decided to come to the UK for studies. In April 2006, we met again after nearly 18 months and... eventually discovered that we were meant to be much more than just friends. Both of us are extremely glad that we came to stay on your farm, otherwise we would never have met.
I (Andrea) did horse riding only once and then decided to stay on the ground, but now I have been swept off my feet by this person I met on your farm. I can't tell you how glad I am that I decided to stay at your place that time in November 2004.


Billy & Andrea


Troy  10/06/2006
Dear Peter,Olive and Lyn
Just a quick note to thank you once again for your kind hospitality and friendliness towards us city folk, you people have gift that can`t be emulated and a true love for what you do.
In my job of day to day hustle and bustle in the city it was an absolute pleasure to spend the time with genuine people like yourselves and for me to actually forget what day of the week it was while  we where up their is something quite special.
But all good things must come to an end, back to sixty e-mails, phones ringing, etc.
Look forward to getting back their soon.
Kind Regards

Back to Reality



Simone- From Genesis              Australia


Hey everyone,
On behalf of the students and staff who came on our school camp to Myella, thanks for a fantastic time, we all had a great time and didn't want to go, we wish we were back there, we will have to send U our tape from the "telemarketer" call haha, anyways I will have to get everyone together and get them to write stuff they liked and then I will post that on here too, thanks again, to all the staff and everyone who was there!


Lizzie                             England


Dear All,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a great time!!!
Kevin - let me know when you are are coming to England
Lyn - thank you for teaching me how to burn pannda
Mel - thanks for the lovely food
Shane - a huge thank you for your patience when teaching me to ride a motorbike and the hand cream- will never be forgotten cowboy!
I will send a postcard from sunny 'ole England shortly.
Thanks again for your hospitality.
Kind regards,
Elizabeth (Lizzie) - Susie's sister. xxx 


Orla & Mark


Hi Lyn, Olive, Peter & Ken

Remember us? So sorry we have not been in touch up intil now.  We have been very slack - very sorry.

But I am wondering all this time about Barnaby?  How is he?

You will pleased to know we have reccommemded your farmstay to lots of people we have met and will continue to do so when we get back home.  We are currently in Auckland having just spent nearly 3 weeks wandering around the two islands.  We fly to Chile on Friday for a few days and then onto Peru for a couple of weeks.

We hope you are all very well!

Kind Regards
Orla  & Mark






"This lady came to us sick it was the middle of summer and she had not drank enough water on here travels.
Please if you are travelling in the Australian summer drink at least 3L of water daily
especially when on the Whitsunday Islands trips I recommend you take some water of your own just in case."  LYN 
Hullo to you all,
I couldn't resist going back to the site and looking at photo's, reliving the wonderful stay I had with you.   I loved it so much.   I know one day I will be back; I still have things to conquer, the horses the bike and didn't even get to try the whip but I did learn to keep drinking the water and I'm so good now  and I thank you again for looking after me so well.  I tell everyone they must go and experience your place and they will have an amazing time. 
I look at the pictures on the web page and there is such a yearning to be back in that lovely place.  I can picture you all doing your bit. :-)
I hope you are all well and had a good summer. 


P.S   I was rooming with a girl in Hervey Bay and kept thinking I had seen her somewhere.   We coudln't work it out so gave up and I thought I must have just been confused with someone else.  Then a couple of days later she spontaneously started talking about this place she'd been to and as she described it, I smiled and said you were at Myella.........your the girl that was hosing the horse with the cut leg.....etc etc.......we both laughed yes we'd both been to Myella and we'd loved it.  It was great sharing about it again.


Ed & Vicki                         London, UK


Dear Peter, Olive, Lyn, Ken, Kevin, Nicki and Gina,

Knowing how hard you all work we doubt that you are rested but hope
nonetheless that you are all still well.

We are leaving Australia tomorrow morning and will be Ho Chi Minh for
dinner. Before we leave we both wanted you to know that our stay at your
beautiful farm is still the most amazing memory we have from 6 months
travelling and we doubt it will be beaten. We tell everyone we meet about
Myella and hope that you have had some visitors who've told you about us-
the obsessed Pom's who love the riding and the Whip!!!!

If any of you ever fancy a trip London, then our house is yours and we
promise to look after you and show you around the 'big smoke'. If you ever
need a marketing representative in the UK, please feel free to ask us and
we'd gladly help you however we can.

Best wishes and we hope to be able to see you all again,

Love Ed and Vicki



Capricorn Dave                 Rockhampton, Australia


Cooeeee Lyn,

I Noticed a diary entry from one of your customers at Myella and wondered if you'd seen all the others, if not
go to
Click on the word: More...  (listed after web, images, etc)
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g'day lyn,
just a short message to say that we really enjoyed our
stay with you, i felt some sense of achievement with
the cattle and the branding, it's not often one gets to
do such a thing, i'm a country girl at heart, or would
love to live the life you do.
i would also like to thank your mum for her great
cooking,  being a good cook myself i really appreciate
the good home country stuff, it's great.
i also loved the challenge of bill, henis my perfect
beast, good to ride, a wee bit of a challenge and a good
looker to boot.

we had a good trip back, the way that your dad
suggusted was very scenic and we got home in good
time, so today was my work day, tomorrow golf.
i must admit i didn't get around to my exercising as i
had too much on my plate, but tomorrow is the start. did
you hear back about your walker?
ron had a great stay, he enjoyed the riding on
gadet, gave him a wee bit of a challenge and gave him
some confidence, of which i am greatful, means we can do
it more often.
i will try and get up there more often as i love the
horses, especially the spunky ones,i love a safe
challenge........if there's such a thing, a tad of
danger suits me.
i really enjoyed your company so lets keep in touch
my next ride is the high country on the 23rd
april, can't wait, out for one weeks solid riding, not
much good for my golf but who cares.
take care until we meet again, by the way we will take
the full week in august, thanks.

regards sandy



Mike                   (from a very cold London)


I have just got back to london (i was with the X-roads tour early in Feb) I just wanted to say i had an amazing time, it was definitely the highlight of my holiday and i did some pretty amazing stuff like a helicopter ride around ayers rock and your place topped that!

I especially liked sleeping in the hammock, you should definitely recommend it to your guests,
i loved horse riding it was great, Jane was a very good guide (I was pretty scared of the horse riding at first but jayne showed me how easy it can be)   
Thanks for the great time I'm sure i'll come back the next time i'm in aus.
(from a very cold London)

DSCF0725.JPG (448269 bytes)
Hero Shot 
 of "George"


Allen Dibble 


Thank you for a great three days we are still talking  about it. 
Lauren said hi to summer and Gaby said hi to alpha.
Please pass onto olive that I have cooked the meat pie , Potato Salad , Rissoles and Fritters all were a great success.
Regards Allen Dibble.

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