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Every single birthday
From you we always got
A double love heart sponge cake
With fresh cream on the top  

Cooking is not my thing
Barb n' Liam made the cake
A cherry and chocolate one
And boy it tasted great  

I wanted to write a poem
Iíve tried before to start
To put my feelings into words
For you; I find quite hard  

Coz we have lots of history
Iíve know you all my life
You have always loved me
And kept me out of strife  

I could tell some stories
Of tales both short and tall 
About you catching my piglet
And shooting the toilet wall  

And as a school bus driver 
I bet the kids donít know
That you used a sling shot
Out the bus window  

You grew up local on a farm
Your interest was the land
Growing cattle and milking cows
Always keen to give a hand  

You are dedicated
And always working hard
From picking sticks to carting posts
Working cattle in the yard  

And for the local netball club
We set up all the grounds
You organized 100 teams  
To play in our small town  

You started the school tuck shop
Youíre well known in the town
Folks love your cooking
Your skills they are re-noun  

At the end of every year
The locals come to feast
Have their breakup parties here
Your catering is a treat

And I have lots of memories
Of all our family feasts
Meals cooked with love and care 
No short cuts, you never cheat  

The silver anniversary
Surprise for Dad and you
You found out, had to cook
We didnít dare stop you  

You put your own needs last 
Like to work behind the scenes
And I think our Farm Stay
Has helped you fulfill your dreams  

I often hear the guests say
Theyíd like to take you home
But we need you on the farm
We couldn't cope alone

You are a great mother, Mum
A farmer and a wife
You are a business woman
And the friend Iíve had for life  

And I thank you for the gift
That you have given me
You have always offered 
Every opportunity  

Mum you are my hero
I looked up to you
You are wise and wonderful 
And I do love you  

So I wish you happy birthday
I hope your daysí been great
Enjoy your life at 65
You should celebrate  

They say that getting older
Our lives are not enhanced
Just remember some people 
Donít ever get that chance  

So letís raise our glasses
And give a cheer for you
And wish you Happy Birthday
Celebrate our love for you  

With love from Lyn 9 August 2008



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