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Peter's Seventy Years Old

   He was born in the thirties to Ivo and Grace
Who raised 5 children on their small place
Ivo was quiet; he had served in the war
Grace was a character and loved my all

The kids spent days out the back in the creek
Or at the one teacher school on days of the week
Peter spoke with a stammer he now understands
Was coz he was forced to use his right hand

Now Peter owned shoes, but only one pair
To damage the leather he would really despair
On mornings when the grass was wet with frost
He travelled bare foot so his shoes were not lost!

Technology came his family were buyers
First in the district to have rubber tyres
Young Pete wondered, how soft they would be
Put his foot under a wheel and find out did he!

Now Peter’s a crack shot, he can shoot with one eye
One-day brother Harry threw a coin in the sky
Good with the gun, he hit the coin-in-one-go
2 coins with two bullets, that day, what a show!

Four brothers were partners and wanted more land
Found a new farm in Queensland
But farming was different in the new state
The dingoes were thankful as sheep tasted great!

Young Olive was local and to dances she went
She won every prize and not a penny she spent
They went to the pictures on their first date
He drove to the entrance but there was a gate

Now Peter is practical and had seen that she could
Open a gate, and he thought that she would
But Olive sat waiting, a lady she’d be
Who opened the gate, I’ll tell, it was she!

But a good family man and father of three
Gave his young son a car like a rally
Barb was the next, the TV they’d fight
Remote control was the prize ‘most every night


Barb was the next and could twist our dads arm
Was cheeky and bold but had special charm

And I was so proud of my Dad he was cool
Could pop out his eye for my mates at school
Now that I’m older he’s still in my life
Still teaching me things, like tips how to drive

As well as the cattle he harvested wheat
He provided the family, with food to eat
Ken join the business, the machinery grew
New South each summer, for a month or two

Now, tourists from Europe visit each day
His knowledge, an asset to the farm stay
He teaches the whips and the stars and the bikes
Farming without subsidies is the topic he likes

Peter loves science and things that are new
To keep his mind open is always his view
The wonders of medicine has kept my Dad well
Just look at his body and you’ll surly tell

With his eye and his teeth and glasses and ears
And his heart and his knee all have new gear
Dad’s SEVENTY now, but I sometimes wonder
If technology isn’t making him younger!

So raise up your glasses and toast to my Dad
Who’s happy and healthy and a good life he’s had



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