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           The purpose of this poem Shane
s not to say youíre old
But to say youíre special
Youíre from a unique mould

            We wish to say a thank you
For all that you have done
And thanks for being who you are
Youíre like a foster son

            Your heart is very gentle
And Iím sure itís made of gold
And sometimes we forget
And we let it go untold

            It is in this very workplace
Where you always seem to shine
Touching hearts of many people 
    In a way that is real kind

            You never seek the lime light
You are a pillar and a post
Always there through thick and thin
And we never hear your boast  

            Asking not for credit
As you go about your day
Yet always there to lend a hand
In every single way  

            We never hear you whinge
Or speak of words untrue
As you go about your work 
Doing what you do  

            So our friend, of many years
With your kind and peaceful soul
We feel it is our duty
           To say that forty ain't that old

          By Lyn Eather & Shaun George



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