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Debi ( ) from London (UK) 22-12-2001
Well after two weeks you finally got rid of us. Cherie and I had rather long faces waiting at Rockie station. There is too much to say thank you for each individual thing but I feel calm and relaxed (and sore and bruised) and will be back to trouble you again sometime!!!
Have a Wonderful Xmas break and be proud of yourselves for giving us City Chicks a slice of the country life!
Big Hugs and Stay Purple!!!
Love Debi

joy akers ( ) from rockhampton queenland australai 18-12-2001
Hopefully one day we will be able to come and visit, I found your web page very interesting.



Martina ( ) from Germany 4-12-2001
Hi Lyn, Olive, Peter and Paul,

remember how I found a friend of mine in your guestbook? I wrote him an E-Mail and he still remembered the good time he had with you. So do I!
Did you recognize how many german travellers I sent to you in the last weeks? ;-)

Natalie Dixon ( ) from England 18-11-2001
Dear Lyn, Paul, Peter and Olive (and the crazy Judith if she's still there!)

Hey Guys!

Thank you so much for everything... from the milking to the riding to the crazy evening "games" around the campfire... I've loved every minute!
It's a bit weird at the moment as I'm feeling a bit like I've just left home... I can't believe I'm sat here in Airlie beach, beautiful sunshine... getting ready to climb on board a fab racing yacht for a few days to experience what should be a totally memorable occasion.... and all I want to do is jump in the car and drive back to Myella!!!

Missing you guys already!
See you soon.
Love Nat.

Kate ( ) from U.K 18-11-2001
Dear All,
Nat. and I have arrived at Airlie Beach and want to come back now. I hopefully explained to Lyn how much I valued my stay at Myella, although it is really hard to explain. As Peter said "it is a feeling that comes from the heart, and of emotion". I truly had THE best time ever and the most wonderful experience I have had in my life, Myella made a large impact on me and made me think alot about life. Thanx for putting up with us, and see you again in two weeks!
all my love

Sarah ( ) from Belgium 15-11-2001
Hey Lyn,

How are you doing, still busy taking care of the guests and the aniimals
(which might be the same sometimes...)? Don't know if you remeber me, I
visited at beginning of March when your parents were on a holiday. I am the
Belgian girl that was in love with Jo-Joe and spend some siesta's gossiping
with you about all the other guests. I hope it rings a bell. I hated it when
I had to leave and think about the farm a lot. I had so much at Myella, I
hope I will be able to return one day. I am back home now since a few
months, living with my boyfriend and currently looking for a new job. till
miss Oz though, but it is nice to be back home...

I have some good pictures of the farm and a nice one of Alwyn and the snake
we found. I will scan them to you soon, promise. How is Alwyn doing, and
Midget, Buttercup, Norman, the dog and all the others. And of course: how's
my lovely Jo-joe? Give my regards to everyone and especially to Alwyn.

hope to hear from you,


Ilwon Ko ( ) from South Korea 15-11-2001
Myella was very excellent! I had a good experiences....about farm. Actually my hometown is a city.
I had never experienced like that!
Evebody was so kind.......
I will not forget!!!!

gANNA hUNTER AND jAMES gREGSON uk ( ) from 14-11-2001
Your brochure is right - I am going home, stiff AND sore and covered in bruises! but I have had a fantastic time. If you could possibly post your orange tree and little Isis over to the UK it would be most appreciated. Thanks again I wish I could have stayed longer. A true success story after all the hard work you deserve all the accolades which you receive!!!

TANYA ( ) from 14-11-2001

Sasicka ( ) from Holland 14-11-2001

Louise ( ) from uk 14-11-2001
thank you so much for a fantastic 3 days. I loved the horse rinding, my hint for bike rdiing is to always check you have enough fuel - or at least learn where the reserve tank is! and the pool the food the cows and the company was the best!

LYN EATHER ( ) from MYELLA FARM STAY 14-11-2001
Dear Viola, I've tried to reply but haven't got through...wishing you all the best and congratulations on getting you licence, I hope my lessons helped. all the best love and vegemite...lyn PS say hi to your family

Nani & Fred ( ) from Austria 10-11-2001
Hi Peter, Olive and Lynn (and of course Paul an Norman)!
Everyday when we sit at our work we can relax just by remembering the great time at Myella!! Thanks for this amazing stay at your farm in August 2001.
We are already counting our money to find our way back to Myella!! Special greetings to Paul (at the moment itīs freezing outside - doesnīt he want to come to visit us?!?)

Nani & Fred

Bhawna Chhatwani ( ) from Germany 31-10-2001
hello, i visited myella in 1997 and still remember it vividly. especially the cattle-branding. it was a great experience!

Matt and Zoe ( ) from England 18-9-2001
Just looking back at one of the best places we stayed at in Oz. It has now nearly been a year since we where there when I remembered the web site and decided to take a look. It brings back great memories of such a great place. We spent a wonderful three days at Myella and it was definetly a highlight of our round the world trip. Back in England now the usual rain and wind, for anyone considering Myella it is a must!!

verena and christian ( ) from germany 11-9-2001
Dear Lyn,

just a few days before we have found an article about Myella farm stay in
the www. It was a nice article, and we enjoyed reading it. It remembered us to
the beautiful time we had during out five-days-stay from 2nd to 6th November
1995. I was pleased to read that your farm still consists only of your family
house and the small guest house, and that is not yet a tourist hotel or
something similar. What about your dogs? Stubbie was the older one, and the other
one had just arrived and we enjoyed it to see how these both tried to get
arranged one with the other. When we left, you were still thinking about the
name of the other dog - maybe Friday, because he arrived on a Friday. How is he
called now? is he a better cow-dog than Stubbie?
With this mail I send you three pictures - two of Christian and me and the
other one of all together with the 3 Swiss people we met during our stay.
On the 16th of September (only 1 week left!) we will go to Australia again.
But unfortunately we won't have a chance to visit Myella again. We are
planning to hire a car in Darwin (a 4W bush camper) and go down to Perth. We have 5
weeks for that. But anyhow, we won't forget Myella. Do you permanently live
at Myella now? Has Baralaba grown or is it still the 200-inhabitants-town we

Well, it would be nice to hear from you. Many greetings from a cold and
rainy Munich!!


Verena and Christian.

Helen ( ) from Amersham, Bucks UK 7-9-2001
Definetely the best 3 days in oz so far. Great to get back on a horse and learn proper bush (or I should say "Norm") riding. Echo and Taffy were both lovely and mustering cattle makes riding so much more meaningful! All the pople were lovely and have really given me a sense of the history of Australia. The sky is much bigger here than back at home, even the moon is upside down. I could sit by the fire all day and night and drinking lovely home brew & eating delicous damer bread. All I'lve learned to milk a cow! thank you so much for letting us share this amazing experience and not feel too much like tourists. Oh and thanks for the banana cake, the first BEEF I've eaten in 10 years! Much Love HELEN

Karen ( ) from Essex England 7-9-2001
Well I came back again and swam in the pool that I helped build, and I didn't ache as much this visit, must have been all those months of hard traveling! glad I make the trip back still just as good and thanks everyone for doing what you you do so well....

Helen ( ) from UK 7-9-2001
I can't believe I milked a cow, bottle fed norman the calf, rode a motorbike (well almost) and had the time of my life. a real tough of nastalgia with the horses thanks Trigger and Biddy, Thankyou so much for the most relaxing and carefree couple of days of my travels. Lyn and Paul you were great fun. a real slice of Australia sampled and enjoyed.

Alan ( ) from Scotland 23-8-2001
The best 4 days in a long time. Everything was excellent especially the motorbikes. I hope your new lodger that we brought to you is healing and is well. A huge thanks to all (Olive, Pete, Paul, Norm, those very individual and crazy horses, midget and the coo's.

Sarah ( ) from England 14-8-2001
I was worried that the horse riding would be boring for an experienced rider. How wrong I was, they are great horses and have a wonderful life, I wish I could let my horse live here. Cheers!

Susie ( ) from Scotland 14-8-2001
Loads of thanks P;ove (amazing food) peter (star gaizing) and Lyn (cattle droving) Had a wonderful time who whould have guessed that being sooo dirty could be sooo satisfying!! Thanks again

melanie ( ) from england 14-8-2001
this has to be the meaning of paradise! Can never write down into words what an experience this has been for me; although I can try - amaxing fantastic, super, fab, brilliant!!

Pat & Geoff Chatterton ( ) from England 25-7-2001
Hi Lyn
Stayed myella 28/02-01/03. Just returned to UK. Our stay was fantastic, especially the muster.Must do again.
Pat & Geoff

Viola Jentzsch ( ) from Germany 11-7-2001
Hallo I had a good time.
Take care love from Viola
PS.say hello to valerie for me please and everybody else.

Edward Larkens ( ) from The Netherlands 27-6-2001

Finally found some time to work on your site. As you can see I made a new guestbook.
For other dutch guests: Our diary we made during our stay in Oz and at Myella (of course!!) can be found on the internet: surf to

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