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Hello All!!
I stayed with you guys in March of 2002 and I loved every minute of it.
I'm the bald girl who fell off her horse and lived to tell the tale. Don't
worry folks, I was back on the next day and a better rider for the
experience.  I just thought I'd write to warn you I'm planning my return!!
I've arranged my university exchange for Australia, just so I can come back
to your place for a week, if you'll still have me!?!  This is all dependent
on the hope that Isis is still around.  Could you let me know?  Also
wondering about Rene? What's this about him being sick?
To reiterate, Myella was the best part of my visit to Oz.  Thanks for having
love and kisses for the horses,


Frances ( The Netherlands  30-09-2002
Dear all!!
I'm Ineke's friend (see mail from 12-2-2002) and visited your farm in 1998. I still have good memory's about our stay in Myella!!! Now I'm looking for some good places to go for my parents. I tell them they MUST visit Myella!! It's so good to be there!!
Love, Frances Aikema


Ed & Sonya Dooley ( Canada  08-09-2002
Hi Lynn:
We stayed at your wonderful farm in Febuary 2002 & I must say we had a great time. Myella is truly a beautiful place, how is Renee progressing. Presently we are considering a return trip to OZ in 2007, bye for now...
                                                                         E&S Dooley


Karine Cook ( UK  31-08-2002
Just returned from oz, now working in a dull office! Thought I'd
take a look at the website to cheer myself up and remind myself what a fab
time I had! Myella is probably the best thing we did on our OZ travel! Just
like being home from home (Just with better weather, more space and a few
more animals!) Hope Rennee is better now!


Justin Lau (  From Singapore  5-7-2002
Hello to Myella,

This is Justin from Singapore. Remember moir ? (the funny chinese guy that Lyn was giving driving lessons to on the way to the farm) I was staying at Myella in mid June and had a wonderful time there. I really admire Olive, Lyn and Luise (the wonderwomens of rural Ossie). Truly impressed. Keep running the farmstay to benefit future travellers. Many kisses from moir in Singapore.  


Bev Small (nee Johnson) ( ) from Cambridge, UK 1-7-2002
Just rediscovered the Myella site after 4 years ;-)

Thought I would drop you a quick email to say hello and to tell you we still have very fond memories of our stay with you and would LOVE to come back one day.

You probably wont recall as you have so many guests but we actually got engaged whilst staying with you - the first engagement I believe. My now husband came out to Oz whilst I was travelling with a friend and we decided to experience country life whilst he was there. Myella was the perfect spot it turned out...

I have got a photo of me dressed with a mosi net as a veil and bougainvillea as a bouquet sitting with Julian (my hubbie) on the quad bike ;-) When I tell people how Julian proposed they find it a very romantic story - and it was - perfect!

We got an engagement ring in Cairns on leaving Myella - an Australian Diamond! And on returning to the UK we eventually married in September 1999.

We are very happy, living just outside Cambridge in the UK.

Thanks you again for the fantastic time at Myella that we still remember very fondly.

Rosanna and Peter Ballentine ( ) from Northern Ireland 8-6-2002
Hi Lyn and Alwyn
We're the fifty+ers who stayed with you in January when Peter and Olive were away buying the 'new' mobile. We enjoyed it so much and impressed our 21 year old son Andrew so much with our tales that he stayed with you too in Feb. - and enjoyed it as much as we did. I've a great photo of you, Lyn, with the dead brown snake that Alwyn killed one evening. You're always safe at Myella folks! I've just about figured out how to e-mail the photo to you, so look out for it. Are the lovely green frogs still using the down spouts as megaphones? Maybe it's a lot drier now and they've moved on. If any Myella-minded folks are looking for accomodation in rural Ireland close to Belfast give us a call.

bert ( ) from 5-6-2002
Hi Lyn,

everything is o.k. over here.
Mayby next year we will come back to Australia and visit your farm. Or mayby we will go to New Sealand, a lot of people say it's better than Australia.

Greetings from me and have a lot of fun, cause you only live once.

...................LYN's message to BERT.......... ( ) from OZ 22-4-2002
Hi Bert, Thanks for the note. Yes it is me. Great to hear from you. How have you been since I saw you last? Regards Lyn. P.S. Your email address is not working.

Meike and Oliver ( ) from Germany 16-4-2002
Hi Lyn, Olive, Peter, Ken and Norman (& Sandy),

We had six wonderful and unique days at myella!! It is such a great place to live, we felt really home at myella and with you.

For me (Oli) it was the first time on a horse and I had such a great time with Cowboy. Hopefully we will come back someday and Cowboy and Little Fred are still good friends.

As already discussed with Lyn and Ken we would prefer a smaller group of guests (max. 18) because you can better get to know to people and the activities are more enjoyable in a smaller group.

Hope to hear news from you.
Best regards,
Meike and Oliver

Annette & Dario ( ) from Switzerland 2-4-2002
Hi to everyone at Myella.
I'm not sure if you remember us: we spent three great days on Myella this February (Dario the Italian and Annette). After 2 months of travelling along the east-coast and in Fiji we arrived back home in Switzerland last week.
We just wanted to thank you once again for the perfect days in Myella. It was definitely the best thing we did in Oz, enjoyed it a lot and recommended your farm-stay to almost everyone we talked to...
We wish you all the best for the future (also a lot of success for your B&B in Rockhampton)
Annette & Dario
PS: We didn't find any Information on Baby René on your homepage - hope he is doing fine....

Michelle & Simon ( ) from England 29-3-2002
Hi - just to say thanks for an excellent time. Definitely one of the best things we've done in Oz is stay with you at Myella. Think we've even convinced some of our friends who live in Sydney to visit you.

How's the hockey coming on Lynn? (don't forget to aim the stick at the ref next time!) Say 'hi' to Alwyn if you see him. and how did Ken's chopping block turn out?

Keep up the good work,
Michelle & Simon

Bert v/d Klooke ( ) from Holland 24-3-2002
Hi Lyn,

are you the Lyn Eather I met in Early Beach.
If so, please contact me on my own e-mail adres.
(i'm almost positive i's you)

Greetings Bert.

Jan, Philip, Melina and Amalia Olavesen (, ) from Norway 11-3-2002
Hello again folks. Remember us? We have just left your farm
and are now in Hervey bay, but all we want to do is riding on that horses again. Strange isn't it? Well after Ken had driving us back to Rockhampton we had a great time with him on Pizza Hut and we really appericiate his company. He is a great gay and we wish him the best for the future, together with the rest of your "gays" at Myella.
We haven't met the dauther(barely the father) on the farm and thats to pitty, but say hello to them and we really wish you the best. We will recommend this place to all our friends if they are visiting Australia. If you want to mail us, feel free to do so and you are most welcome if you are visiting our country someday.

So long friends
Philip, Melina, Amalia and Jan
(say hello to "Speckless" from me),Jan.

Peter Verhoeven and family ( ) from the Netherlands 27-2-2002
I visited your site because my daughter and son in law will most probably visit your farm the next couple of days.
Their names are Eefje Verhoeven and Ramon de Louw. If by any chance you meet them, please give them our best regards.
You have a very nice internetsite with beautiful pictures and comments about your farm.

Fiona Peel ( ) from England 25-2-2002
Hi Myella!!

Just to let you know that I enjoyed my stay so much, it has been one of my best exeperiences in OZ!!I rate it as highly or even over many of the "major" things to do whilst here!! I have raved so much about it to other people that you may get a few more visitors!!

I hope Rene and Snicker (my favourite pony!) are doing well!


LYN FROM MYELLA ( ) from 16-2-2002
"hi all that have written to me lately, today we went to watch a campdraft (a sport where people chase a cow on their horse) my cousin darren made it to the final. It's very green here at the moment after a very hot january. midget the joey has returned with here joey ken has taken a photo i'll put it on the web when i figure it out.
see you later LYN

ineke ( ) from holland 12-2-2002
You do a great job and you should be very proud on yourselves!
I was in Myella in 1998 and had a GREAT time, as you know. I thought that we were just two sentimental girls from Holland feeling homesick towards Myella after leaving you. So good to read that everybody has the same kind of feeling. I think the Lonley Planet should write a complete chapter about you!
With love, Ineke
Message to all backpackers: YES, go to Myellla, YES, It's fun and YES, you do feel at home and NO, it doesn't matter if you can't ride or don't like horses. It's so good there!!!

Andrea ( ) from Germany 4-2-2002
hope to visit you some day on your farm. After I`ll pass my final exam at school in two years... I hope to get a working holiday-visum! It`s more than a dream

greetz and *kiss* andrea

Karin ( ) from sweden 11-1-2002
Hi, I'm not so sure if you remember me.I stayed with you for 16 days in march-99 .I was supposed to stay for 2 days but I could not leave your lovely farm.Do you remember?I spend most of the time horseriding with Alwyn and Lyn.I just want you to know that I still think of you and you all have a special place in my heart!
You made my Australian trip to a great adventure!
Just to let you know;I've got one son now and another baby is coming any day.
Take care!!!Love from Karin

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