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Laura & Michael                                                     France 


Dear Lyn, Peter, and Olive,

I hope you are well in your wild country.
I saw that you have improved your web site by pictures.
I attach in this e-mail pictures of our stay (April 2004).

Laura Loggia & Michael Bouganne
The French Cowboys.
232 - Le petit fils des fermiers avec un kangourou - Myella Farm_2_2.JPG (618405 bytes)


Donna Andrews                                                  Australia


Olive, Peter & Lynn:

Sorry I took so long in sending these. had some problems. Hope you get them.

Thank you for a wonderful stay at your home. I will be going to meet my cousin in Sydney (not Melbourne) for Christmas. Otherwise I would have called to beg floor space for Christmas. One should always be near family at Christmas!.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and the the new year is happy and prosperous. Please keep in touch.

Take care.

Donna Andrews


Billy                                                                            Scotland


Hi Lyn

Remember me It's Billy the Kid here from Bonnie Scotland,here are some photos i promised you of the good times I had in Myella especially the one with you cracking the whip above your head so take care and hope to catch up with you all in 2006 .

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Jenny Tolcher & Tanya Ruggeri                                 Australia


We have just come from Cape Hillsborough Qld (absolutely gorgeous place to either visit or stay - the people are awesome) for a fantastic lunch.  We decided to go into the shop to look at some of the local "get-a-ways" (although we only live 45 mins away) and picked up your brochure.  Instead of going to Hamilton Island for a few days (yet again) we have decided to experience something completely new and exciting to us.  We hope to see you sometime in January 2005.


Charmaine Kemp


Dear Peter, Olive, Ken and Lyn, and shane and the gang.

I do hope you're all well and enjoying your summer! how's little Tina doing, all my friends back here in London have seen all of the pictures and I've recommended you to lots of people. I was hard coming back, and I cant wait to do the trip again, and I'm sorry I haven't written until now. University has been a bit hectic and my workload has been mad especially at school, the kids do know how to keep my busy, but I am enjoying it.

Gill and Baz are well, Gill's living in Melbourne until the 20th and then she's coming back to London for Christmas and then I think she starts her law degree in Melbourne Uni, which is great. Baz is still studying in London, hates it but is sticking it out for a chance in the big bad world!.

well, it was just a quick note to say merry Christmas and happy new year, you've got sunshine and I've got 5degrees!

take care, love to everyone

Charmaine Kemp xxxx



Mikael & Thomas


Hello Myella,

We forget to write in your guestbook so we send you this mail instead.
Our time at myella have been the best time on our 2 month of travelling it was so much of fun things to do like building new gate, horse riding, riding the motorbikes and playing with the kids. but the best thing was that you made us feel so welcome.

Thanks to all of you and I hope I see you again

Mikael and Thomas
part of the quiet swidish gate building team


Paul and Kate


Dear Lynn, Olive, Peter, Barbara and all the others,

We only came for a day trip to Myella originally but had such a great time we were back for 3 days only 2 days later. We've never been so relaxed and yet done so much and had so much fun.

The horse riding and motor biking through the beautiful red earth of Myella were amazing. Thanks for teaching us to ride both and trying to teach me how to ride Norman the bullock!

Added to all that the hospitality, delicious cooking and excellent accommodation made Myella Farmstay one of the best things we have done in a year of travelling.

Thanks once again and we'll be back to see you all as soon as we can!

Paul and Kate



Roland                                                        Holland


Hey Lyn,

It has been almost two years since i have been to your beautifull farm. I really loved it there. It was in my experience the most wonderfull trip in Australia. The horse riding, and learning how to drive a motor, feeding a young kankaroo and maning cheese souflets with you. Now my girlfriend (Kim) is in Australie together with Marlinde. My question: What is the most easy way for them to book a trip to your farm.

Greetings Roland


Lizzie                                                            Australia


Dear Lyn, Peter and Olive,

Thank you very much for the lovely weekend I just had. I returned to
Sydney very relaxed (a little too relaxed for a day in the office!).
I've got a couple of friends who have been very interested in the
weekend I just had so I've passed on your details to them and hopefully I will be back with you early April with my parents in tow!!!
Anyway thank you again, I hope the trip up north Lyn was good and everything goes well for you all and the rain finally does come!!!
See you soon.




Marielle                                                                    Holland


Hi Lynn, Olive and Pete!

I loved staying at your farm and I loved the food Olive cooked!
It was nice to learn to ride a horse and a bike, but... Tina, the little kangaroo really stole my heart!!
I'll send you the picture I took of you as soon as I can (it can take a few months....)





Helle Herskind                                                      Denmark


Hey Lyn,

How are you and the rest of you doing? Thank you for a great experience at the farm. How are my horse doing, is he getting better to ride? As you know I went to Fraser Island after being at your place and I had a fantastik time there, with a great group of people, we saw so many different animals, we did see the humpbacks and dingos. The rest of the time in Aus was fast and then of to NZ, I was going to be there for 2 and 1/2 month, but I stayed there only for 5 weeks, I'm more to Aus, even though I took lots of pictures in NZ. I went skydiving, that was a little scary the first 5 sec of the freefall, but after that I enjoyed the view. I have also been swimming
with the dolphins up on the North Island, great. After NZ I went to Tonga for 5 days, but didn't like it. Now I'm in Samoa and it is great, the weather is perfect and the view, wow. In a week I'm going to the stats for 3 months, before going home for christmas instead of jan. as I was do for and my parents don't know the date and it bothers them. I hope that everything is going as it should, I really miss being out there on horseback and our nice talks. Thanks for the note you wrote to me, I learn some things too. Say hey to the others from me. Hope to hear from you again.

helle herskind



Kellee & Duncan


Hi Lynn,

Thanks to everyone at the farm for a great weekend - the four of us loved
it and can't wait to come back again. The boys we're suprised how much they loved the horse riding - duncan even wants us to get our own horse when we move out of the city.

Thanks again

Kellee & Duncan


Morag       (aka farmer's daughter from Scotland)


Hi you all!!

 At last have got round to downloading my photos to
 disc and as promised allbeit a tad late I have emailed
 you the photo taken of 'Marlborough Man' himself, Ray.

 I hope you are all well  - it really was one of my
 best times ever in Australia and am planning to buy a
 horse when I get back to my dad's farm in Scotland.
 Please say hi to Ray and Renee. Have attached a good
 photo of them taken after out lesson.

 Let me know you get these ok....
 Best wishes to you all. Btw, Olive, made some of your
 cakes you gave me the recipe for and, as good as they
 were, they just weren't as good as yours! Always the
 case eh!
 Best wishes to you all
 Morag (aka farmer's daugher from Scotland.....was
 there with Sarah and Gemma)


Gloria Steele


Dear Lyn,
It was over a year ago now that I came and spent a fabulous week with you and your family at Myella. It's Gloria, I came with a mad girl called Emma and we did Olympic formation riding, and performed it to the others with the final motto " Peace, Love and Tranquility "!! What were we thinking?!
I also managed to 'wake up' McCafferty and wanted to take him gome with me (how's he doing?).  We fed Benji and Wilma.
Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for showing me more about animals.
Gloria Steele



Nicholas  Raphael        Togo


Fabulous,great site.

The Waites                                                            Germany


Dear Lyn, Olive, Peter and Ray
On behalf of "The Waites", I'd just like to say thanks very much for the
wonderful stay that we had with you just over a week ago.
The kids loved the riding, milking the cows and searching hard for the
eggs (!), and I enjoyed my first riding lesson galloping across the yard
hanging onto the back of Smoking Joe. Anja loved it it too, being back on a horse again, galloping across the farmland. Attached is a photo of us with Lyn just before we left. Best wishes from Germany from
Mark, Anja, Daniel, Lisa, Millie and Lillian Waite


Jenelle McCarrick             Australia 24/07/2004
I've recently discovered that I am a descendant of Thomas Eather/Elizabeth Lee's daughter Rachel Eather who married John Norris, I did a google search and found your web page. Must come down one day for a visit. Great page and very informative in regards to history.



Jenni Ashton           Rockhampton  21/07/2004



Niki                                                                 UK 22/06/2004
Hi Lyn,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you so much, I had a wonderful time and will definately be back when I am back in Australia next year. Don't know why I had such a soft spot for that bloody pony, Smokin' Joe, but I hope he will still be with you when I return.

Thank you to all your family, I was made to feel so welcome and Olives cooking has to be the best. I feel revitalised and ready to get back to the rat race.

Good luck with everything and hopefully see you same time next year.

Love Niki x


Diana             Switzerland


Got a link today by email and landed on your homepage. I couldnít believe when I saw our "Country girls" picture (you called it: "Girls in Myella Fancy Dress") in the photo gallery.  Itís  almost three years ago that I spent a few days with you on your  beautiful farm. All those memories.... like feeding Norman and the other calves, feeding Midget, riding Candy every day (how is she??), sunset on Myella, biking... etc. I loved it. I love it to look at the pictures I took and I really told everybody more than once that it I had an absolutely great time. I hope one day I will have the chance to come back again.
Hope you are all ok. With all the best wishes from Switzerland. 

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