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Anette                      Sweden


Must write and tell how much I enjoyed the visit on your farm. Its the thing I`ve done when was visiting Australia that I am always going to remember. I forget that it was a long time since I was "young". I told my son what his mother has done, driving motobikes etc etc and he wishes he was there.
Best regards to you all


Kevin Simon                                                               England


Hi every one at MYELLA
I don't know if you remember me I'm the one which left the screen saver of
LYN hoping around like a kangaroo.
As you may not remember I was travelling round the world for a year and I'm
about to come to the end of my trip in a couple of weeks , I would like to
say that it was one of the main highlights of my trip and the best horse
riding experience I've had . hope you are still looking after GINGER and he
is still as much fun to ride .
say hello to lyn and rene for me .

from KEV


Angela and Robin                                                             UK


Dear Olive, Peter and Lynne,

Just a quickie to let you know that we enjoyed our stay so much at Myella. The last 5 days of our years trip in Australia were spent in the Whitsundays after we came to visit you, but we wished we'd stayed at your glorious farm. Thank you so much for the birthday cake, it was a touching surprise.
We have distributed your leaflets in Queensland and also the UK, so I hope business goes well for you. I sincerely hope that one day, we'll be back, I miss it already,

Angela and Robin

P.S We'll send you some photos soon


Ruth                                                                                  UK


Hi guys,

Remember us, Ruth and Jon.  So we are finally back in England with great memories of Myella and the wonderful family we met there.  When people ask how was Austrailia, we say the horse riding, bikes, food, atmosphere fun and frolics were great.  When they ask where abouts we went we say Myella!!!!!

Jon has got the feeling back in his legs now and I bought a stock saddle for my horses back home as i was totally hooked on the style of riding. Maybe Lyn would like to swap a couple of her stock saddles for a couple of English ones?! I hope Lyn is feeling better now as she was rather worse for wear when we left, but we had a great time in Rockhampton with her the day we left Myella.  Please say hi for me! If Lyn comes to England, we would love her to come visit and have some Virginia cottage hospitality. (please pass on my e-mail address so I can keep in touch with her).

Thanks to Olive for the fantastic food and good advice about sun cream, how to feed wallaby's and much more.

Thanks to Peter for his words of wisdom and utter patience whilst trying to teach us how to crack a bull whip and turn a rope.  The poems were great too, I just wish I could remember them!

And not forgetting Rene and Jim, thank you guys for showing us how to enjoy Myella and the wonderful horses there.

One day, I would love to return to Myella so I had better start saving.  I wish you all continued success and hope we will all meet again. 

Best wishes Ruth


Sarah and Rhiannon      UK


Hi All
Thank you for a fantastic couple of days earlier this week.  We really enjoyed everything especially the riding, the baby wallabies and the great food.  We wish we could have stayed longer but hope we'll be back again sometime! 
Thanks again
Sarah and Rhiannon


Paul and Kate UK for now


Hey Peter, Olive, Lyn and Ken,
Hope you get this. Kate and I just had a look on the website and it is fantastic. You could of got a bigger picture of me, you know how I like the look of myself!! Anyway, hope things are going well at Myella, Kate and I both miss it and we often talk about the old days where nothing seemed to be too stressful. We are busy organising the wedding, don't worry, although we are very slack the invites have gone in the post today and we hope to see you here (don't think you are getting out of it Auntie Ol and Uncle Peter). We have to go now Kate sends her love and we hope to see you all soon.

Love Paul and Kate


Mandy & Nick Cox  England


Dear Peter, Olive & Lyn
Thanks for a fantastic stay - we really enjoyed ourselves. The riding was great - much better than boring old trail riding - and the horses perfectly judged for our abilities.
Nick still can't believe that I actually managed to ride a motorbike - in fact nor can I ! We especially enjoyed looking after the baby wallabies. If Roady or Wilma ever want to visit the UK just let us know.
We have posted our photos on our travel website now - please feel free to take copies if you want...... username mandyandnick.
I am not sure that we will be down your away again in the forseeable future, but if we are we will be sure to come back as this our time with you was one of the most enjoyable (and definitely the best priced) things that we have done in Oz.

Big hugs to all the animals (esp. Carrot) and warmest regards to Jim and Renee.

Mandy Scott and Nick Cox


Ella,                                        London                        England


Hi Lyn,

You have so many guests you probably wont remember me! i was one of three london girls staying with you for a few days in january - we operated on the owl with gabi and somehow killed it the next day!
I have just got back all my photos of the farmstay, and was wondering how the tiny little kangaroos were doing? roadie and i forget the other name. they were both looking tiny and bandaged up when i was there.  Are they still okay?

Thanks for our stay - we had the most fantastic time and have directed many friends in your direction!  (and left a whole pile of leaflets on great keppel island as there were none there!)
Take care, Ella.


Jay, Ben, Jamal and Russ - The Londoners            England


Hi, it's  here - the City Slickers from London that visited you a couple of weeks ago. We just thought we'd say a quick hello and i've also attached a couple of photos which were taken whilst we were at Myella which we thought you might like to see.
We all had a brilliant time and we may be back to see you again someday (we'll let you know in advance so that you can warn Mick because i know he'll just get all excited about us coming back!!!).

The Londoners

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