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Renee Haugeneder


Dear Peter, Olive, Ken, and Lyn,

I just wanted to wish you and everyone else there a very Merry Christmas!  I stayed with you in November of last year and I will never ever forget it!  I had such an amazing time there!  I have decided that I am definitely more comfortable in the country than in the city, and your farm stay was a big part of that. I tell everyone I meet about it.  You should really send my some more brochures so I can give them to travel agencies out here.  I know for a fact that at least two people I told have been to see you.  Yup, I really loved your farm!!!

I hope you all have a very wonderful Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year!
Merry Christmas!

Renee Haugeneder
(the cookie maker/ cake decorator from Vancouver Island Canada)


Klaus Baehnke


Dear Olive!

 As I am back save and sound in Germany I would like to thank You once again for the lovely stay at Your farm on the end of November.
Especially I would like to thank You for Your immediate help to take me to hospital with my toe that I hurt on the great barrier reef.
I apreciated it very much that You drove me to Your local hospital in
Baralaba where I got to know the help of the nurses and Your doctor, and of cause his lovely wife.

Yours sincerely
Klaus Baehnke

P.S.: Please send my regards also to Trevor, whose jokes I enjoyed very  much.


Velten Tiemann


Hi Peter, Olive and Lyn,
How often do I think of my few days at Myella sometime in 1997. Must of have been around August. Well after travelling around Australia and spending a wonderful time with you all, and the special dinner Olive made for Peter and me baked beans on toast, I was looking through my trip and found the photos of my stay and googled Myella and see what I have found.
You have done a great job with the Farm and catering for your travellers. I have managed to find my way back to Australia in 2001 and worked in Tasmania for 5 years before moving up to Brisbane where we have been for the last 2 years. I am working at Sirromet wines at Mount Cotton as winemaker. Still think of the outing Peter took us out on after taking the kids to school to visit the table grape grower near you.
I am the German, South African winemaker who thought he could still ride a horse and had to learn again on your horses how not to fall of. Just remembering the mouse plague you had and the empty bottles over the ice-cream tubs full of water as mice traps.
Life in Brisbane is doing me well. A bit warm and humid but luckily the sunshine coast is not far away.
Just a few lines to say I am glad to have found your website and this has rekindled fond memories. should you come down to Brisbane come to the winery and say hallo and we can do some winetasting. And yes I also have started to do homebrew beer that peter introduced me to.
Best Regards 
Velten Tiemann




Thanks Lyn

Hello Friends,
I am back nearly two weeks already and did not yet find the time to send you some pictures. As I am back to "normal", I leave home at 6am and get back around 6pm to have just a quick snack and leave to the stable
to ride Leon. My flat still looks like a rubbish bin with all my (washed) cloths from Australia. Over here it is grey, wet and cold. We already had some snow last week and the temperatures are around 5°C. Leon
looks like a fluffy teddy-bear. He did pretty good and was ridden very good. Now I got instructions to do it as well as my riding teacher. However, did not yet succeed.
I want to thank you again for the kind hospitality and the family life at Myella. Whereever I went, I recommend everyone to visit you, as I really was happy to stay with you. Your broshure does not promise too much, as I first thought. It is really like it is described and I am pretty sure, no ad is necessary. I attach some pictures in a couple of mails. Thus I
don't block your e-mail with too many pictures in one mail.
Take care, look after yourselves. I am really happy to meeting you all.
Hope, to see you all one day again.
Lots of luv


Sean & Anne 


Hi Lyn,
If you are reading this then we can only assume that I fixed your computer, which is a good sign. 
We both really enjoyed our time at Myella and we wish we could have stayed longer. We can honestly say that is was one of the best experiences that we have had on our travels and will tell anyone taking a trip to Australia to make a stop in Myella

Hopefully we will get the chance to return someday and to be honest if we every return to Australia, Myella will be top of the list of things to do.

Say hello to your Mum, Dad and everyone on the farm

Sean and Anne


Keith & Sarah Jones 


Myself and my wife recently stayed on your ranch for a week and had such a wonderful time I had to send a E mail to say many thanks. We have had many holidays in various parts of the world but the week we had with yourselves matched any of them, if not bettered them. All the persons at Myella were so friendly and helpful and nothing was too much trouble for them ( a special thanks to Trev). 

We will be visiting you again without doubt and hopefully in the not too distant future. But until we the next time we arrive I hope everyone at Myella keeps in good health and has all our best wishes for their future.  

Many thanks,
Keith and Sarah Jones


Helen & Mark


Hello to all at Myella,

Mark and I stayed with you last month, you may remember us as the couple that got engaged on Fraser Island only a few days before arriving at Myella.  We have included a couple of photos just to remind you who we are.

We just wanted to say again how much we enjoyed our time with you and we have highly recommended you to many travellers we have past coming down the coast as we were going up it.

We especially wanted to extend a really warm thank-you to Russell who was a fantastic, relaxed and encouraging teacher on the horses and the bikes.  I was very unsure of the bikes and about ready to give up but his reassuring advice allowed me to achieve my goal and I was chuffed to bits.  I have told Mark for a wedding present I want a horse and a bike!

Please pass on the message to Russell as we did not have time to exchange emails, you all certainly kept us busy and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Warmest wishes

Helen & Mark xx






I did a websearch of Myella ponds and came up with the fact that Myella is a species of Mussel that lives in Mangrove in Ecuador!  Here is the info I found about your ponds while staying at Myella




Hi guys,

So how’s the farm stay life??  What happened with the Channel 10 visit? Are you all going to be reality TV show stars?

I think I have found a new ‘local’ horse riding venue.  They seem very relaxed and laidback – not hung up on cantering on the right leg (Nikki!)  I am aiming for a minimum of once a week – better than nothing!!  I rode a 10 year old bay mare named ‘Tina’ who had a sparky attitude and liked the occasional kick at other horses  – much more hilly than Myella but there was no cattle L  They do have cattle at one of their other properties though…

Hope you are all doing well!



Marlies Jeremiasse           Netherlands


Hi everyone,

This time next year I hope to spend some time at Myella again. We (undersigned, hubbie and daughter, then 4) were there in 2000 for a few days and had a great time. Hubbie shot through shortly after we came home but my daughter and I have been back in Australia since.
We are planning another trip for next year. My daughter will be 11 by then. And I am sooooo looking forward to it.
I read somewhere that you have a new dog. Is old Stubby no longer among us?
Anyway, see you next year
Marlies (and Laurelle)




THANK YOU!!!!!!  and thanks again for the brilliant farmstay.  I think all
the riding and moving cattle around released my inner demon, because I had the courage to go skydiving, scuba diving and white water rafting over the last week!


Hi! It's Josie Faulkner.  I stayed with you 2 day/1 night, 8-9th July.  I
met with a guy called Alex and he reassured me I didn't need to take my
camera anywhere because he'd take pictures for me.  I now cannot find his email address, and was wondering if you could give it to me, or his
surname because we are on the same network on Facebook.  I'd love to get the pictures!

Thanks Josie

PS Maybe you'll remember me as the "vet-to-be"!




Hello Myella crew!

Well, I am back home in reality – and you all thought I would never leave!  A huge thankyou to you all for being so welcoming to me!  Myella is such a unique and special place, never before have I experienced such frantic stress-free energy and activity while feeling so overcome with peace, joy and happiness.

I am still waking up at 6.30 each morning and looking for my Billy coffee at 7am.  I miss hunting for those horses in ‘Big Tank’ and I hope they are still hiding in the trees for whoever is searching for them now – Lyn the whip was a HUGE success!

What were the final names for the three new horses, when I left it was looking like Atlantic/ Kingswood and Logic??

I am looking into the local horse riding/trail riding places (trying to find something not too monotonous where I may as well be asleep on the horse) – now I have those bruises and am used to riding again I don’t want to give it up!

I hope your current guests are giving you joy and not grief and there have been no more nasty death threats from the cleaning lady!!

Miss you,


Sophie                        London 


Hello all at Myella

For some reason Myella popped in to my head today - I stayed with you for
several happy days in 1998 and remember the sunsets, riding CT the horse,
'roos, serenity and bugs with fondness.  Well, maybe not the bugs.....  I'm
glad to see on your website that you're still doing what you do, only
bigger and better!  I hope to return one day and bring the husband I have





Hi to everyone I met at Myella. I had a great time riding horses and motorbikes and bottling beer! I have to come back someday. I made lots of travel-buddies for my trip around Australia. I've lost contact with most of you but if you see this please look me up on and join the Myella Group!





Morning All, (Peter, Olive, Lyn, Fiona, Nikki, Vanessa, Gina, Shane, Trev, Dan, Broken Leg, Lil' Red, the Owl and I'm so sorry if I've missed anyone else).

I thought I would just write to you all to say, Thank you!

Every single one of you made my farm stay fantastic and have you have provided me with some wonderful memories to bring home. I have needed to dip into my memory bank already this week to make myself relax, as I've come back to audits and reports and all the fun stuff I was able to leave behind for 8 wonderful days.

I have so many people wanting to jump on a plane or in a car to come and see this place (Myella) and the people on it, I must be able to describe your place to them the way I've seen it as they all can't believe such a beautiful relaxing place exists but don't hold you breath most of these friends of mine are city dwellers through and through and I think they might shiver at the idea of getting their hands dirty let alone being away from their creature comforts (lounge chairs and gourmet food) for very long at all.

Lyn, Olive and Peter - I have found a family that made me feel like one of their own while I was there, you have this way with people to make your visitors feel comfortable, I think that is the very ingredient that makes your business work. (however, you should be careful in doing this, you might end up with more extended family than you would like, tehee). I would be proud and happy to say I feel like part of your extended family.

Ok, enough of the mushie stuff!

Have you been able to get the bark down out the front of the Fiona, Shane, Dan and Trev's home as yet?

Oh, Please say a big I'm sorry to Fiona as I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her face to face and it's been playing on my mind ever since. Oh Fiona, I played my first real game of touch on Monday night, 5 guys and 4 girls and it's not the little kids that hog the ball it's the big ones….the guys…..tehee.

How's the babies, (wallaby and my beautiful Broken Leg and Lil' Red), I miss them too, please give them BIG kisses for me…..well ok not so much of the kisses at lease hugs, Trev!

How did the muster go on Monday? I passed a cattle truck heading up to Toowoomba (1.5hrs away) and thought of your steers heading of to the open pastures in the bug blue sky. I'm sure I'd get used to it one day, til that day I'll just have to keep calling them freezer bags and not fluffy or spike.

Oh, I nearly forgot, I went onto the Telstra Web site and  listed your home and surrounding areas as a Telstra reception black spot. This covers the 3G, Next G, CDMA and any other mobile coverage required. If you guys also jump on and add your details, the more that do it the sooner it should get fixed. I hope it helps!

Lyn, if you and Trev come down for the races, well not only you guys any of you any time, please contact me I have a sofa lounge and plenty of room, you can either say or at least call in for coffee and most likely not home made biscuits :) but I would try….tehee…they wouldn’t be like Nikki's though!

Do you know the little thing I can still smell from time to time and the one thing you don't think about very much while you're there but remains with you for a long time afterwards, is the open fire and smelling of smoke at the end of the day from making tea/coffee and breakfast.

A small thing but memorable like my whole stay and once again to all of you I say, 'Thank You'.

Take Care


Harry, Lisa and Emily Hildenbeutel


Dear Peter, Olive and Lyn,
Emily and I just wanted to know how our little owl friend is progressing. We hope that he/she is getting stronger. Thanks for giving us the pleasure of helping to take care of such a beautiful creature. Thanks also for your warm and friendly hospitality. We had a fantastic time and can't wait to come back, oh and please say hello to Maurie.
Many thanks,
Harry, Lisa and Emily Hildenbeutel


Alastair                   UK   


To the Myella Team,
Hope you are all well.
Thanks for a fantastic stay - Victoria and myself really loved it and it was a great start to our holiday.
Here's a couple of pics from Sunset point - I've shrunk them but let me know if you want the originals.
All the best


Alan & Jacqui                     England


HI Lynn, Peter & Olive. 

We had  a most memorable stay with you this year Feb 07. Really enjoyed your great hospitality. What a great experience. Will certainly come & stay with you again if ever we come back to Aus. Thanks Lynn for pointing out the southern cross! Take care & tell Olive not to drive that bus too fast.Peter to keep feeding the roos.

All the best Al & Jacqui. from BATH, Somerset.


Kellee & Duncan


Hi Lynn
Thought you might appreciate this snap I took of the handsome kim - great shot of how not to sit on a horse to show to future visitors.
We had a great time as always at myella - see you next time.
Kellee & Duncan


Declan & Ursula                      Ireland 


Hi to you all on the farm from Ireland,

Its Declan and Ursula here remember us? Probably not as you have so many coming and going all the time.we spent christmas with you and had the best christmas ever, thank you so much. Hows your leg HOP A LONG!!!! (thats what I called Lyn in case she not reading this!!) hope its better and you are all well anyway.have tryed emailing before but havent sent for some reason so I'll try this for now and hope for the best!! it would be good to hear from you sometime if you get this. 

take care


Alex Coulsell                   Australia


Hi, Lyn
I had a great time last time I saw you (as always)a nd I can't wait to see you again in the Easter Holidays, Carolyn and Chloe are coming with us too. Dad told me you got a new dog and bird, I can't wait to met them. Make sure you have Whiskey and Blaze ready for me and dad.
See you soon

Love Alex




I have just spent the last 8 days at a farm called Myella having the time of my life so much so that it was a wrench to leave and I cried. I have been horseriding everyday, dirtbiking most days, feeding orphaned baby kangaroos and wallabys, caring for a displaced baby cockatoo, getting the cows in for milking (there's only 2 of them and a calf) mustering the bulls on horseback and on the dirtbikes, making beer, walking the dog, swinging in hammocks and whipcracking, I could go on.
The people that run it Peter, Olive and their daughter Lyn and all their staff were absolutely wonderful they all made me feel so welcome that I felt like one of the family (except that I was paying for the privilege of course!) but of course it will go up there as one of the best bits of this journey. I wish it was closer to home so that all you lot could have the opportunity to experience it as you would all love it.
Anyway a big THANK YOU to them for having me.


Annette Grigo            Western Australia


Hello Peter, Olive, and Lyn

I am doing some family research for my cousin's daughter, Yaralie Oram.
this is her line going back:

Yaralie Oram
her father: Alister Oram
his father: Clarence Clifford Oram (your Lewis' brother)
his father: Lewis Oram
his father: Joseph Oram (wife Elisabeth Faulkner of Falkner)

I thought I had some incorrect information from the LDS website, submitted from someones family tree, and I was pleased to come across your Myella web site and the history of the Eathers.  i have no information on the children of Lewis (Digger) and wondered if you have a family tree on the 'net', or if your could provide me with any more information.
I am grateful for the information on Joseph and Elizabeth Oram from your site - it will enable me to go back further.  I have a cousin who is currently living in Queensland (from my side - not the Oram's) who has kindly done a lot of research in the libraries and genealogy associations, and she will also be pleased about the information on your site.  I love your stories, they are so interesting, and young Olive's life is a parallel of my own mother's childhood in rural western australia.
would love to hear from you soon,
Annette Grigo (nee plant)
Orange Grove
Western Australia


Scott and Chloe


Howdy guys,

How are ya?  There aren't many days that go past when we don't think of Myella! 

We're now back home :( and have been for the last 3 months, in the gloomy winter.  Feel like we haven't had a summer for ages as it was winter when we were in New Zealand and then arrived back here in the winter.  Both very tempted to fly to Oz for some sun.

To fill you in on what we got up to;

We were in Queenstown, New zeland for 4 months, living and working in the coldest winter they'ved had for years, which was a bit of a shock to the system, but meant the snow was great and we did a lot of snowboarding.
After that, we hired a campervan and drove around, and Scott finally proposed!!!!  Apprently you guys knew he was going to as he wanted to do it at Myella-bless him.  So thats made me a happy pom.

Then we headed to the cook islands, which were ok, but the weather was a big disappointment and we ended up bringing our flights forward, so we spent our last two weeks in Vegas, eating 'all you can eat' buffets and gambling way past out budget-was fantastic.

And now we're home. Working and playing hard.  Can't decide where to go on our hols, but Myella is definately on the list. in fact as it's Scotts 30th in november we did say maybe we'd come out then-whats the weather like in November?
We decided to get a puppy when we got home as Scotts Sisters dog had had a litter and she is, in Kevin and Shanes words a 'big sook'!

I've attached a few photos for you laugh at  There's one of our little house, in the snow (which was from the other week!Carzy weather) in out little road, which may make Kevin faint! A few of myella and also, Scotts first experience in a European saddle!!!  He wasn't that impressed- they were taken in New Zealand, not England but it does look very similar.

Hope you're all well and doing a rain dance-the whole worlds weather is messed up.  its devastating.

Much love to you all-
Scott and Chloe
Ps-also, how did the new horses settle in?  Is that saddle shed still as tidy as when we left it?
big kisses xxx



Brian Kemp                    Switzerland         


My name is Brian Kemp I stayed at your place in November last year together with my wife and my wife's cousin from Switzerland, Walter. Peter was kind enough to give us some Gumbi Gumbi leaves for a friend of ours living in Monto. I have just spoken to him and the leaves seem to be doing some good. Even though he was bitten by the spider some years ago the swelling has gone down some and he is able to move the knee joint more freely. He is happy with the results and is still taking the medication and even though it is terrible to drink he will persevere with it. Thanks for your help and hope everything is going OK with the business.
Kind Regards
Brian & Elisabeth
NOTE:  This is a plant that the aboriginals used for medical purposes, it grows here in Central Queensland and Peter takes it for arthritis and also as a CURE for CANCER.  Research is being done on it in Melbourne to prove it actually helps cancer patients.  Some people in our community are sure it has helped with their prostrate cancer.


Fabbie the Swiss Girl              Switzerland


Dear everbody at myella
Reality hit me hard the other day as I landed in cold and freezy Switzerland after having spent 6 brilliant weeks in Australia... to make myself feel better (or even worse) I went on the internet to check out your website - tried to find the Guestbook 2007 to write a few lines could not find it though, therefore, here comes a mail maybe you can put it in the guestbook!
Staying at Myella farm definitely was the highlight of my Australian holiday. after having driven 7 hours from Airlie Beach to myella, on my own, with my GPS (now you know how that works Lyn don't you) going dead on me half way to the farm and no mobile reception to get direction from you - i was more than happy to see all those friendly faces once i've made it and felt at home  immediately.. wanting to stay only one day for an hours riding i ended up staying two and had the "one in a life time experience" of branding cattle myself - that was absolutely fantastic..
thanks ever so much for everything - i will definitely come back as soon as possible
love, Fabbie the Swiss girl


Julie Ferguson


Hello to All,
Sorry I have taken so long to write and say the biggest thankyou from my heart.
My name is Julie Ferguson and I stayed with you all for a week in the middle of October.  I truly had the most awesome experience with you guys in which I will never ever forget.
I did things that I only ever dreamed of and learnt so much about the bush, the animals and myself.  
Shane,Trevor & Kevin are a wealth of knowledge and between them and the ladies of Myella you could write a book of the bush and its tales. 
You may remember me as I had only just given up smoking and it has now been (2) months (6) days and I feel great.
I have told everyone about my experiences that I  had at Myella. Nikki & I started in which I hope is still going the rock shrine at Sunset Hill.
Many of my friends thought I was going crazy for doing something way out of character for me but now they say I came home less stressed and looking great.
Now for the big news.  I came home and spoke to my husband and we both decided to shut down both our businesses and take a working holiday around Australia. 
Anyhow a huge thankyou and here's wishing you and all your family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy Healthy & Joyous New Year.
Take Care & Be Safe,
Julie (ps thankyou for my Birthday Cake!

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