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Merry Kissmas
Dear Lyn,
How strange, I just sat down to email you and there was a message 
from you!  Just thought you would like to know that last night when I 
was reading my Practical Parenting Magazine, you were mentioned!  I 
was reading an article about 50 ideas of what to do with a bored Toddler, and number 30 something was the author recommending a visit to Myella farmstay!  Also Phil was on a flight the other day and 
picked up an inflight mag.  he was reading the Top 20 Destinations to 
see around the World, and yes, Myella farmstay was one of them!  That is so awesome, well done you!

We are heading to Baralaba onTues and will be there for 10 days, so 
we will certainly see you, looking forward to it.  See you soon.
with love


Sally & David HigginsEngland


Hi Everyone,

We are now back in England - what a temperature difference!!

Thank you for a wonderful week (1st - 7th November) The memories will stay with us forever.  We have been telling everyone about you, and suggesting they come and experience the good life.

When it was snowing here the other day, we watched the film of our trip, and to see David trying to lassoo was so funny, ( I know what to get him for Christmas now).

We are saving up for our next trip, which will include a return visit.

Thank you once again for such a fantastic time.  You deserve to win another award.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Sally & David.
P.S. If you are ever in England you are more than welcome to stay with us.


Alex, Kristy, Shane, Liam, Beth, Alan and Kath


Dear Lyn,
We would like to say thank you for having us at your farm.  Alex really enjoyed the whip cracking even though he didn't like hitting his foot! Krsity really enjoyed the lassoing and was really proud of herself for being able to make the rope go around her body. Liam really enjoyed relaxing in the hammocks but Beth thinks that he also enjoyed going on the back of the 4WD. Shane really enjoyed the horse riding activity. 
We have all made a Photo Story about camp. When we have finished we will burn them to DVD and send you a copy. We hope you like watching our Photo Stories. 
Hope you are all well out at the farm.
From Alex, Kristy, Shane, Liam, Beth, Alan and Kath  
Middle 2
Rockhampton Special School


Fiona                            (Scotland)


Hi Everyone at Myella
I never got a chance to see everyone before I left yesterday, but I just wanted to email you all and thank you again for an amazing 3 days at Myella.  I had such a great time and am missing Floyd terribly now!!
I have attached a couple pictures of me and Floyd, you could maybe pin them up in his cage so he remembers me .. ha ha ha (only joking!!).  I hope you manage to sell my Lonely Planet to a passing guest and add the money to the bird fund.
Thank you again for a most memorable experience which I will be recommending everywhere I go.  I really hope I may be back again someday.
Thank you so much.

Fiona & Floyd


Theo & Gerda Boode      (The Netherlands)


Hello Eather Family,

We had a great stay at your farm from Friday August 22nd. till Monday the 25th of August. We went horsebackriding and Theo really enjoyed himself on the motorbike gathering the horses with Ashley (from Yeppoon). Also thanks to Tina and Doug, we had a great time with you at Myella! Absolutely a place to come back to next time we visit Australia. Thanks Olive for your great hospitality. Thanks to Trevor for the lesson in horsebackriding and warning us! Trevor could not pronounce our names so he called us 'Fish and Chips' and also thanks to Sharon who has a great job at the farm but it's hard work!
See you next time.
All the best from 
Fish & Chips (Gerda & Theo from the Netherlands).


Carina & Steffen


Hi Lyn,

This is Carina and Steffen. Unfortunately we weren't able to say goodbye to you before we left on Monday.
I want to do that now :o) 

 We thank you for everything, we really liked it at your farm and will spread the word!! 

Carina & Steffen

PS: Could you please let me know what this yummi desert was called which we had last Saturday? It was this cake with some sauce over it. Maybe you could even send me the recipe? That would be really great! Thanks in advance!




Hi Lyn. 

Sorry to hear about the calve. Cilie cries a little but then we tell her that it's the way nature is. She says she would have been pround having named a cow which lived on her favorite farm of the world - and then of cause one she helped rescure. We are still having a great time but miss Myella so much. Saw whales yesterday and relax today. Will you please give the best of thoughts to all from the 3 of us. 

Take care out there tough girl.

(This family helped find an orphan new born calf  which Young Cilie aged 8yrs named "Skibers" and she helped to feed but unfortunately it died after she left.)


Jon Woodbridge


Hi Lyn,
I stayed at "Myella" in April 2002 and it seems like yesterday!!I was
listening to Shania Twain the other day and it took me back to a wonderful week in my life and I remembered you!

The day was the 23rd of april and we were rounding up some "loose" cattle. I was a poor rider and you put me on "matey" and to head those "loose beasts" off I headed them at the pass thru the tack shed and I will never forget your laugh( I can hear it now).

I also recited a poem by my grand father called "I took my girl to the
dances last night"

Listen I just hope you are well and all the best to your family it was a
great week I spent and I will never forget it!!

You signed my diary....have you made it into the movies yet?

Kindest regards
Jon Woodbridge

P.S IS Matey still going




Just read about Stubby on your website. I stayed at Myella back in 2004 and i think i may have a picture of him (attached)




Mick McAullife


Hi Olive, Lyn and Peter, 

Just a quick thankyou to you and your staff for taking such good care of me while staying at Myella. Hope all is well with you and you never know, I might pop in again some day. Take care.

Mick McAuliffe  


Sandra, Rozi and Louise


Hi Lyn, Peter, Olive and all the staff
Just a quick message to say thanks once again for such an enjoyable stay. We had such a good time out on the farm and shall remember it for a very long time. I hope we weren't too loud and outragious for you all  !!!!.
No doubt if we know of anyone looking for that type of holiday we will gladly be recommending them to your palce.
Take care of yourselves and thanks again to all the staff who were all terrific to us.
Kind Regards from
The Three Sisters
Sandra, Rozi and Louise


Maria, Greg & Nat


Hi Lyn  - and all the crew
Just returned to the Uk after almost 5 weeks in Oz and although we saw and experienced many things that Oz has to offer we all felt that our Myella farmstay was way up there - a joint high point with our trip to the Reef - we were really sorry to leave you even after just a short stay.  THANK YOU all - for such a great time - we will recommend you to all and hope to get back there one day.
Keep up the good work and enjoying your selves
 Maria, Greg & Nat (age 12)    X


Marlies and Laurelle


Dear all
We spent a great week with you at the end of July. Laurelle was very sad about having to leave and so was I as a matter of fact. She still can't stop talking about the animals and especially Bonnie and Clyde. When we left the new calf had not yet been born, we are curious how that went and what it's name is.

 Thanks for the wonderful time you gave us, we really enjoyed it and will be back one day!

Marlies and Laurelle


Anne & Helena from Denmark


How are you the Lyn at Myella farm? Well my friend Helena and I visited you back in 1996 and were just talking about you all and our stay at  myella which was so cool. We miss Australia, Olive' s cooking and Peter' s beer. Hope you all are good. 
Take care. 
Anne & Helena from Denmark 
(aka the manager and assistant)


"The Steane Family"


Hey Lyn
Thank you so much for that fun holiday we really enjoyed it and getting to know you!
The food was amazing and so was my horse Quantas!
We shall definitely be coming again.
love Elle Steane


The Wilson Family


Hi All, 

The Wilson Family send a huge thank you to all that helped make the weekend with you the best family holiday we have had. 

The drive home was the worst part.

Lyn, We had a 7.5 hour drive home to Strathpine with two petrol stops on the way. (so you can tell others) 

Our dogs were very happy to see us home, 

Thanks again for an enjoyable stay. (we are already planning the next one….longer) 

The Wilsons


Hannah Colebrooke


Hi Lyn  

How are you all?  Jason and I are getting married in July.  
I have just finished the painting of the Myella sunset.   

You can find it on:  

Hannah Colebrooke


Stefan             (Germany)


Dear Lyn,
I never expected to hear from Baralaba again until my next stay in Australia. But now the "spider invasion" in the hospital of Baralaba have brought your town into the German news!! Have a look:

("Australian hospital closes down because of spider invasion")
I hope everyone of the Myella team is fine? I must admit I was terribly afraid of the huge huntsman spider which we met in a very smart-looking apartment in the Blue Mountains on Christmas 2006 until the housekeeper told us it is absolutely not dangerous...
I stayed at Myella together with Anja in November 2006 when we travelled around Australia for nearly 3 months. It was a great time - well, maybe not for one of your small kitchen knives I used for the gardening, and for poor Rebel trying to teach me horseriding... ;-) Yes, and we were really proud of finding free Koalas in the trees later BEFORE we reached Kangaroo Island.
You see, I fell in love with the continent and visited Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne again during a 2-weeks stay with a friend in August 2007. I hope I can bring more time and visit you, Peter and Olive during my next stay. Take care!
Regards from Frankfurt, Germany


Shanae Findlay     (Australia)


Hey everyone at Myella....

I came to Myella on a scout camp June last year and I just want to say thanks for making my time at Myella a fun and memorable time... i would love to add some photos of my time with everyone, well thanks again for a great time

Yours Sincerly...
 Shanae xxxx


Myriam         (Switzerland)

I had a really good time at Myella and wanted to thank you for your company and the good job you do!
I wish you all the very best for the future and your projects. If you ever wanna come to Switzerland and need some information or a guide (!), please don't hesitate to ask me :)
Take good care!

Ps, please thank Nicky as well. We didn't see her much but we all appreciated what she cooked though!


Ashley G


Lyn's Grade 3 Teacher found us...

Hi, Peter, Olive, Ken and Lyn.  You probably don't remember me but I was a teacher at the school from 1979 to 1981.   I got to thinking about Baralaba and if the accommodation had changed after all these years and your website came up and I was just curious to see how well you all were and if you have weathered the drought, so to speak.  I remember young Lyn, young Barb and young Ken quite well.

My very best regards,
Ashley G.

I'll definitely keep in touch.  Watch this space!
Mobilis In Mobili
Ashley G.


Barb Harriman          (Canada) 


Hello Lyn, Peter and Olive,
It's Barb Harriman from Canada just sending a friendly "hello", or in your lingo a "g'day mates". I often tell people about my visit to your farm (July 2005) and they enjoy the stories of the kangaroos, horses and me learning to lasso. I don't need to look at my photographs as my memories are as vivid as if I was still there and I love that. I enjoy looking at your website and reading what's new with you.
Since being in Australia I have had a fantastic trip to Alaska. It was snowing when we were there in Sept!! My 2 sisters and I went together. The True North has amazing natural beauty. I think my heart will always belong to the "Land Downunder" and meeting you and your family and being at your home has a lot to do with that. Thank you again for the awesome memories.
If you ever get a chance to come to Canada, I'll be your tour guide.
Wishing you continued success with your farmstay and happiness always.
Barb Harriman


Sidsel Windinge    (Denmark)


Dear owners of Myella Farm.
In December 1999 I visited Myella farm for five days with my boyfriend. We both had a wonderful time. Your farm and our stay made a big impression on me. I remember that I fell in love with one of your horses - Roy. I decided that when I had finished studying in Denmark I would come back to Australia and have more time to see and experience the country. I am now seeking employment in this field.
I'm looking forward to hear from you  

Best regards, Sidsel Windinge


Laurie    (USA)


Just a quick question....Where did you get the name Myella?
Thanks in advance!!
My father made it up....however we have met a girl called Myella who's family told her it means little girl in Aboriginal.  Also there is a mussel in Equadore called Myella.  My dad saw the word morella on a sign post in NSW while driving one day and it inspired him to call his new purchase of land Myella.

Thanks for the info...I have two grand-daughters, one is Ella and one is Myla so I joined there names for my purse business which is called Myella purses!  I was so surprised that I found your website.  I live in Michigan in the USA.  My brother and his family spent 3 years in Sydney for work and they loved every minute of it!! 
Thanks again, Laurie


Frank de Reu            (Holland)


In july 2007 we stayed a couple of nights with you and your family. My daughter Dorien is still crazy about the small Kangaroos. Lovely picture I enclose.
Regards to the family and trevor. we enjoyed it very much.
Frank de Reu

Feeding the kangaroo

Gabi and Andreas


Dear Lyn,  

I finally found the time to select some pictures I wanted to send you. Andreas and I stayed at Myella for a few days beginning of December and we enjoyed it very much. It was a definite highlight of our honeymoon and much better than I had expected. Alf from Crossroads recommended Myella and he told us a bit about the acivities you offer but actually experiencing it made it special. We felt so much at home that we would have stayed longer had we not booked other activities already. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and give our regards also to Olive, Peter and Trevor. I hope you like the pictures.  

Many regards

With a Horse



Hi Lyn!

We had a really great day! It was fantastic to see and feed the baby kangaroos!
Thank you very much and say hi to Mustard for me...:-)



Hello Myella Farm !
I would like to wish you a great new year 2008 !
The 3 French girls are now at home, the 2 days in your farm are really a great memory for me ! I'll never forget this wonderful moment with all your team ! Please wish a lot of good things to everybody , especially to Trévor who did with us the "French connection" !!
At Vittel in Vosges ( my region) the temperature is currently : - 9°c !!
 see you ...
Best regards 


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