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Myella Farmstay   -- Christmas Greetings 2009


Hi All,
I had planned to have a full news letter with pretty pictures and all the
bells and whistles to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year....however you get this mail instead and hope for a grander letter next year. 

It's been one hell of a year with lots of highs and some lows as well.  And am just very excited to finish the year on a high.  We close the farmstay for a week starting this Monday and I plan to have a few days at Great Keppel before Christmas.

Anyway I just wanted to wish you well for the Christmas period and I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope Santa spoils you rotten!

Love and vegemite
Lyn and the Gang from Myella


Alice Bergmans and Max


Hello Lyn and Barb

I've had a bit on my plate since our return to Brisbane and have  not had much time to get to my emails.

My son, Max, and I stayed with you during the September school holidays (two days and a night).  I wanted to let you know that we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Max has been raving about his farm experience, non stop since our return.....and he desperately wants to return to Myella...."but for longer next time".

I am really impressed with the layout you have there and the way you guys's nice that one can do as much or as little as you like and don't feel pressured to be on the go the whole time.  All the staff were very friendly and helpful.......I was particularly impressed with Shane and Rachel who went the extra mile.......and of course the two of you are very approachable, warm, efficient and organised.  Everything is delivered and presented in a very relaxed manner.  We just loved the whole experience.

Max also enjoyed Liam's was nice for him to have another child around after being with just adults for the previous week.....and Liam's a nice kid.  It's a pity my photos didn't turn out very well....I took a few shots of the two of them together.

I'm now pondering (and being pressured by Max) when we can fit in a trip to Myella again.

Anyway.....thanks again and please let me know how your bookings are for school hols, April 2010.

With kind regards..........Alice Bergmans and Max.


Danni Sturko         Edmonton, Alberta 16/11/2009

Hi. I'm not sure if you remember me but my name is Danni and I visited Myella with Sarah Duddy's OzXplorer Big Trek tour a few weeks ago. I just wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful time and totally appreciated the friendliness, hospitality, cleanliness and fun of your farmstay. Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful corner of Australia. I'm so sorry it took me this long to send this, but I have been on a tour of New Zealand and I haven't had any time til now to send e-mails. I'm still talking about Myella.

Danni Sturko
Edmonton, Alberta


Marlies from Holland


Dear Lyn,

Hope all is well with all of you at Myella.

You may not remember but for the longest time I have promised to look into ‘ropes’.  You know how the twisted ropes you use for your rope tricks get all twisted up after a while. In sailing boats they use a different type of rope for steering the sails. It’s sort of ‘knitted’ around a core. And I reckoned that since it wasn’t twisted, it would do better in the rope trick. Well, I hate to have to say this but it doesn’t. Found my daughter’s old skipping rope (that kind of rope) and tried it out, but it gets tangled up even quicker than normal rope.

I know you haven’t been holding your breath, but I thought I’d let you know anyway.

Trevor Wells has been here for a few days in July which was very nice. I hear he’s been back to Myella since.

Anyway, I am defiantly keeping an eye on ropes! Will let you know when I find the perfect kind!


Marlies from Holland


Val & Ian  13/09/2009

Thanks for wonderful time

Dear Peter, Olive and Lyn,

Remember Val and Ian Taylor? I'm the Padre who does the bush christenings. Thanks Lyn for those wonderful recitations of Banjo Paterson. What a memory you have.

The purpose of this e-mail is to thank you all for a great time at Myella.

Peter and Olive, you went on holidays before we had time to really express our heartfelt thanks to you all and your staff for a lovely time spent. Peter, I enjoyed your stories, your great grasp of the environment and its ways, and the wisdom and friendliness you showed to me. Olive, the food was terrific and the kettle always boiling. Thanks so much, and thanyou Lyn for being such an interesting MC. Val and I want to thank you for the very reasonable, reduced tarif you made to us as a special concession considering that my fall in Yepoon put me very much out of action. Altogether it was a perfect ending to our holiday.  God bless you all as you continue your unique venture, which puts Australia firmly on the map as a most desirable place  for people overseas to visit.  

Sincerely Val and Ian (per Ian)  


Jade Fell


Hi There.

I came to stay with you for a few days back in 2006, and had an amazing time, so thanks! 

Why I'm contacting you now though is that while I was there, one evening, dinner was corned beef- and it was delicious. Corned beef over here (England) is a rather different thing, being made from chopped up, processed meat. I have tried to find a recipe, but though I can find lots of recipes on Australian sites that use corned beef, I can't find any that tell me how to 'corn' it. I understand it to be some kind of pickling process. I wonder if you would share your recipe, if it's not a family secret recipe kind of thing, and tell me how you make your corned beef, as it was really delicious and I'd love to have a go at making it for my family now I'm back home.

Thank you so much.
Jade Fell


Geoff Grimes


Dear Lyn,

Thought you might like a copy of a photo I took at sunset when Lia & I were there.

Lia has returned to Holland really happy to have experienced Australia.

Thanks to you guys for adding to that experience 

Geoff Grimes

Sunset at Myella




Hi Lyn,

how are you? I'm now in Mackay for 2 nights. Tomorrow I will go to the Eungella National Park to see the Platypus. Hopefully they there are.

I want to say that I had a great time at myella and I'm sad that I had to leave. I will miss everything: the clean room,  the very good food, the riding (!) the stories about the live at Myella and in Australia, the animals (especially Floyd, Harry and Jojo) and all the friendly people! I felt like in a family. Until yet it was the best time in Australia and I think it will be one of the best after my 6 month travel.

I'm thinking about coming back, but I don't know when. The problem is Australia is so big and I want to see so much. But maybe......

Thank you very much and hopefully see you again.



Matt, Kat, Pat Suddaby


Dear Lyn,

We just wanted to say thank you to you and the others at the farm. Although we only spent a day at the farm, we really enjoyed it.

Many thanks again,

Matt, Kat, Pat Suddaby




Heeey Lyn,

It's Michelle here, the dutchie! How are you?!
Just wondering what you are thinking....and how things are going!

I am good....airlie beach/whitsundays was great and I am now on magnetic island...beautiful.
I do miss you and that farm of yours and xxxx! I had the most amazing time and I hope I can come back soon again.
It's so interesting to travel.  I admire you for your hard work, your humor and enthusiasm! Keep on going, you're doing a great job!

Well, just wanted to say hi and wish you a great week,





Dear Lyn,  

Thank you for the good time!  In these 5 days I had lots of fun on your farm.  You have such a lovely family.  If I gonna come back to Australia again then I will definitely come to visit you.  

Anyway how is my pony Buttons and Bows going?  I realy enjoyed the rides with her.  I reckon she is a really relaxed and nice horse who doesn’t like hard words.  She nearly does everything for you al long as she hasn’t to stay too far from the other horses.  

I wish you all the best and good times with your visitors.

Would you also say hello to Sharon for me?  

Thanks a lot
Lots of love Meike.




Here is the poem again – hope it works ok this time

Hope you had a fab time on your Brisbane trip.

I bet you and your mum have been watching the tennis this week – we’re watching the men’s final at the moment on it’s final set (and I’m trying very hard to understand the scoring and who is winning!!)

Here is a photo of me riding my share horse Dylan. We brought him in from the field yesterday and left him for 20 minutes while we went to buy his feed– when we came back he was lying down in his stable and nearly asleep and it took a great deal of flailing arms and shouting to persuade him to return to an upright position so that we could saddle and ride him.

I can’t believe my Australia holiday is only about 4 months away now – I’ll be going through the trauma of the 24 hour flight in no time at all!!

In a couple of week’s time I’m going to Iceland for a long weekend – we’re doing a day’s horse riding on the Icelandic horses, so I’ll find out what the tolt gait is like (and then a spa day with massages the following day to help us recover from spending a whole day in the saddle J)

Hope all is well in the world of Myella XX

Take care,



Kellee & Duncan


Hey lyn 

Not sure if you'll remember me we've been up to Myella about 4 times but not been for 2 yrs i'm itching to get back up and have a ride on Lancelot or Amber they used to be my favourites.  Hope all is well on the farm

Kellee & Duncan




Dear Lyn,

I have finally sent the pictures as promised.  I hope you have some fun with the pics and sorry they took so long. 

Anyway how is my pony “Buttons and Bows”  I really enjoyed the rides with her.  I reckon she is really relaxed and a hice horse who doesn’t like hard words.  Thank you for the good time.  In these 5 days I had lots of fun on your farm.  You have such a lovely family.  If I come back to Australia I will definitely come to visit you.

I wish you all the best and good times with your visitors.

Thanks a lot!
Lots of Love Meika






I just looked at some pictures that Lyn has on her 
blogg. I saw a picture of Alwyn and I just want to go back to Myella! 

Is he still feeling great? It's 10 years ago since I stayed with you 
for 17 days. I loved everyday! I still think of you often. And I still 
love horses. Now I often take my 2 year old douther to horse back 
riding. she loves it! Lucky me! My 2 sons don't.

Well I hope you are all fine and that I someday can take my family to 

Love Karin in Sweden


Celine and Ciaran


To the Myella Gang,

Just want to say thanks for the stay. It was great and met our expectations. The food was great, facilites were excellent, the staff were nice. The activites were great especially rounding up the steers on horseback. Would have loved to stay longer.

Celine and Ciaran
Stayed 13th May 1 night.


Deborah & Thomas 


Dear Lyn,

looking back to our time in Australia our stay in Myella was definitly the
best we did during our time there (even if Thomas said before that he could
melk a cow in Germany as well :)...).
Thanks a lot for this wonderful time with all of you. We told so many people
about our experiences in chasing cows and all the other things we did.

Regards to all the others and Barnaby and Mandrake as well :)

Deborah and Thomas




On 13/04/2009 8:54 PM Anthony Bradley-Smith wrote:
Hi Lyn
Just to let you know we arrived home safely without any further encounters with any suicidal kangeroos.
Shannon has not stopped talking about what a great time she has had.  Thanks to you and your family for caring for us,  we are sure we will be back soon.
I know I was not very horsey or bikey whilst I was there, but I had a lot on my mind re:  s**t at work etc that I needed to work through.  I will definitely be giving it all a go when I come back.  However I am over milking cows now I think!
Do you let dogs come if they are kept on leads etc?
Food was great by the way so dont forget to thank your mum.  I will be certainly recommending Myella to everyone at work!
Lots of love Tina XXXXXX


Tracey Mifsud


Hello Lyn,

I met you at Dad's funeral (ray) I was looking up the Wowan district and found a photo of dad and it lead me to your website.  I would like to thank you very much for remembering him on the Site.
It was wonderful to see, Thank you

Tracey Mifsud


Annie En Huub

Hello Fam .Eather,
Thanks again for you Hospitality


Kate 26/02/2009
Hi all : )
Its Kate Wiley here - now Buckland . . . I got married to the man I brought out to Myella back in 2007 and we're in the process of moving back to Australia.
I used to work for The Morning Bulletin and I came out for birthday celebrations years ago... then I was friends with Renee when she worked there and I came out with a few others one weekend... then I came back again in 2007 with Ed because I had completely fallen in love with Myella and I wanted to see it for himself. I always want to ride Rebel, I love barrel racing and a few bits of the content on your web site are from my travel web site, Travel, Food and Wine!
Hope everything is well with all of you!





G'day Lyn. 
We have just been to the cinema and saw a movie called Australia.  Maybe you know it. It reminded me when I was at your place.  I miss the time when I was at Myella.  Please give the best of my regards to Summer, Scarface and Whiskey. 
Lots of loving regards from Cecilie.
P.S. I hate Vegemite...hi.hi....hiii.


Fina          Germany 


Hi Lyn,

That is wonderful. We will send them the message and ask them to confirm their arrival date and time. No we did not have horses before - quite the contrary we were stuck in an inner city appartment, nice but too small. On our last stay during our honeymooen we had a long talk with Peter, who told us to go for our dreams. After returning we  finaly found our house in the suburbs. Already after our first stay we had started to go riding every once in a while for a weekend here in Germany. With our new home a horse of our own became an option. So... but see for yourself: (No, we did not buy the foal with the mother - which we sometimes regret, but we will be discussing this with the owners), when she is old enough to be ridden!)

 Say hi to Sven and Sandra, take go care of them (as you always did with us),


Silja & Roland


Hi Peter, Olive and Lyn

We really enjoyed staying with you in 2004 and again on our honeymoon in
2005 when we were among the first to profit from your "honeymoon suites".
Now Silja's "little" brother (who is not that little anymore) is
travelling Australia with his girlfriend - naturally we told them to drop
by Myella! and invited them for a three da stay with you. They plan to be
in the Rockhampton area in February 14th - do you have anything available
for them.  > They travel by car, so they don't need to be picked up. They
are off the Internet, so it's probably best if you just mail us.

Greetings from germany - we think a lot about you especially since we now
have our own horse.

Silja & Roland


Fredrick & Dominique   (France) 


Olive and Peter welcomed us so well.  We learned lots of things talking with them as well as with Lyn, Trevor, Shane and Rachel.  We did beautiful horse riding and saw marvellous sunsets.  Shane took a deal of car for motorbike riding and wes very patient!  The cooking was outstanding the room comfortagble.  All the farm is such a nice place to stay.  WE would have stayed much longer if it had been possible. THanks also to Whisky and Mustard (our horses) who had to cope with us.
And wish we could have made the days longer 48hrs so they would last longer.  We enjoyed discovering another way of life different from Sydney or Brisbane or the Islands.
We wish you all the best for the future
Fredrick and Dominique

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