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Johan and Cheryl Hensen


Hi Lyn, 

Well we are back in Holland (sadly)

So life goes on, hope things are going well down there. We want to thank you for such a lovely time, and here just some photo's we want to show you.

 love from
Johan and Cheryl Hensen



Hello Lyn, Olive and Peter, 

Thank you for a lovely stay at Myella.  You know, when I was driving away I actually was very close to tears.  It felt rather like I was leaving home.  It is a very peaceful place to be.

The day after I arrived home there was a flock of "Pink Floyd's" in my house yard.  I yelled out "Hello" and "Good Morning" to them, but none of them answered.  (Ha ha).  Give my regards to Lisa, Shane, Trevor and Steve and say "Hello" to Harry and Pink Floyd for me.  Trust this finds you all well.  I do miss our talks.

 Cheers, and the very best wishes,




It's been a long time since I brought my children up to Myella (definitely more than 5 years!), however I am looking at a return visit! 

Congratulations on your engagement Lyn (facebook is a wonderful informant!)
Kind regards


Dear Lynne, Olive and Peter ,
I cant believe it but I am moving to Perth in 3 weeks time so have to 
cancel my trip next week , I am busy packing and cleaning the house up as well as trying to find a house and sort kennels for Boris.

I heard Peter had some surgery a couple of weeks ago I do hope he is recovering well and Lynne you are getting on with the house plans .

I wanted to thank you all at Myella for 2 fabulous holidays and 
rekindling my love of all things country .

I am sorry I will not be able to say goodbye in person

With fond memories of that wonderful view from the top of the hill

David Barnes


Thanks Lyn and the team

 Thank you for looking after us so well during our stay this week. The cake for Brianna's Birthday was greatly appreciated (not to mention delicious!). Remember if you have any wildlife or plant questions don't hesitate to contact me (I will do my best to answer them).

Kind regards

David Barnes
Senior Ecologist




Dear Lyn
Dear Jan and Jack,
Dear Sandra and Wally
Dear Dianna and Geoff
Dear Pat  

We are safely back in France now ! Recovering from jetlag, I  would like to thank all of you for helping us to have a fab trip to Australia !  

Lyn for adrenalin riding with 30 bulls running behind me

Jan and Jack, Sandra and Wally  for airport transferring, superb tea and barbie, and good neighboring at Bangalee

Dianna and Geoff for quiet hiding away at Keppel House

Pat for good surfing at Farnborough  

See you, maybe  next time in Paris !

Au revoir  


Willy and Evelyne from switzerland


Hi all together  

We would like to thank you for this two great days we could spend at your farm. It was a beautiful experience.

Special thanks to Trevor for the very personal support service.

Best regards  

Willy and Evelyne from switzerland




An absolutely fantastic stay and wonderfully entertaining staff.  Felt straight at home, learnt new skills, enjoyed being independent at some tasks and being thrown in at the deep end.  Fantastic, tasty food.  Would definitely come again!  Sarah & Sarah, British.


Martin & Melanie


Hello Lynn, Oliv, Peter and Trevor

Unfortunatelly we didn't see you this morning and couldn't say good bye to you properly.

We'd like to thank you for these wonderful two days: Great motor biking, great horse-riding and always delicious meals - we enjoyed it very much!

All the best and kind regards from Hervey Bay,

Martin & Melanie




Hi Kelly, Peter, Olive and Trevor,

Just wanted to let you know that we had an awesome time on the farm.

Rachelle really loved Robbie and can’t wait to ride him again. She had a wonderful experience and has been back on the website checking out the recipes now!

I got a real thrill out of seeing my dad looking so much at home with the horses and campfire burning – it bought back some very fond memories for us all.

I also wanted to say that Liam is a  wonderful ambassador for you all – nothing was too much trouble for him and he was really at home out there.

Looking forward to seeing you all next year.

Kind regards



Courtney Adams


Checking on Picasso the horse
Hello, this is Courtney Adams. I was up at the farm last Saturday and was the one who found Picasso up in the paddock with colic. I was just wondering if he made it and is doing ok? Hope all is well and I had a wonderful time! Thank you

Courtney Adams


Nicola, Dan & Peter from England. 


We stayed 3 days and 2nights  and had the best time.  The home-made food was amazing. Olive you’re an amazing cook! Thank you to Shane and Trevor for horse riding lessons and motor bike training!  We all felt very welcome and wish we could have stayed longer.
 Nicola, Dan & Peter from England. 


Jonno & Hannah – England. 


Had an amazing time. Felt very welcome and enjoyed activities. Would recommend to friends.

Jonno & Hannah


Cecilia – Sweden


I’m happy that we decided to stay here.  The whole experience was good. I love this lifestyle and all the people.  Good Luck!



Angela Thompson – Australia


Fantastic stop on way home.  Thank you.  We will be back.  Madeline loved it.



Leonora  - Denmark 


It was really good to see all the animals! And it was really nice to try and drink the milk straight from the cow and eat meat, eggs and vegetables from the farm.



Katharina – Germany 


Brilliant atmosphere, extremely nice & genuine hosts, just an awesome experience.  Facilities are great.


Bobby and Timo


Hi Trever, Lynn and Family

It was a fantastic,great,delicious,wonderful....time at your farm :-), we will never forget. we had a lot of fun and learned so many things!
We will do our best that more people would like to stay a few days at myella!
Thanks for everything you have done!

Best wishes and greetings from the crazy german guys :-)

Bobby and Timo


Marie Maxime


I came in in mid-december and I wanted to know how Natalie was doing, I miss her!

I had the best time at your farm, I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon!

Marie Maxime




Hi Peter, Olive and Lynn,

I recently stayed with you as part of an oz-xposure tour, and I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely stay. I had a brilliant time and completely fell in love with your way of life. I can't wait to come back to Australia one day so maybe I'll be able to come again!

Best Wishes to you all



Karen and Berna from Hawaii.


Hi Peter, Olive, and Lyn,
We visited 10 years ago in 2001 and remember the great time we had.
We hope the many storms have not impacted your area. We enjoy your new website and hope to visit again someday. We still have pictures but they are not digital.
Great to see that you are still going strong.
Karen and Berna from Hawaii.



Huub, Marjon and Olivervan Osch


Hi Lynne, Peter and Olive,

Good to hear that you and your family are safe, although I understand that a lot of work will have to be done to repair everything.

We still have very good memories at staying at Myella farm and Australia, although it seems already such long time ago ;-(.

Huub, Marjon and Olivervan Osch  (november-december 2009)


Stefan    Germany 


Hey Lyn,

we are getting worried following the news... I hope your family and especially your sister is alright?

All the best for you and your team in 2011!

Best regards


Damian and Marietjie Wilke  


Good afternoon Peter, Olive and Lyn

Damian and I were just watching the news  and are recognizing all the town names in the surrounding areas that are under water and are hoping that you and all the animals (especially Pink Floyd and Harry) are keeping well and that the floods have not affected you.  We have also had a lot of rain in the last two months and we are still trying to finish the Bypass at Alstonville.  The project is running so late now because of all the wet weather.

Damian still speaks of his time on the farm very often and is sure to return at some stage.  We look forward to the New Year.

Wishing you well for the New Year.

Damian and Marietjie Wilke  




Hey Lyn,

This is Vicky the German girl who stayed with you twice in 2003 and 2006. Hope you are all well and don't suffer from the flooding? Saw the news an CNN this morning and it looked terrifying. Please let me know everyone is ok! I'm studying to become a doctor and urge to return to Australia asap. All the best from Germany, 



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